2005 Draft Revisited

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    Its been hard to attempt a 2005 draft recap to date so here I go with my general impressions so far. this a honest and fair account and in no way reflects the opinions of this board (other than myself) or other sources. its taken this long to surmerize because I would like to defend what the Texans did, but after pre-season and the 1st game of the season this needs to be said. unless people want me to finish the whole 1st rd I'm going to stop with the Texans. hope you enjoy, reflect and agree to disagree :)

    SAN FRANCISCO- ALEX SMITH QB needed help everywhere had options to go RB, WR, CB ended up going QB. they should have tried harder to trade down and pick up future picks and more immediate help for now. C

    MIAMI- RONNIE BROWN RB also would have benifited by trading down, instead of taking the best player in the draft available Braylon Edwards Sabin went with the 3rd best RB instead (behind Benson & Williams) also traded 2nd rd pick to Philly for Feeley. D

    CLEVELAND- BRAYLON EDWARDS WR romeo rebuilding the franchise gets the top offensive talent, adds to the defense with a hard to find positional fill at FS with Broadney Pool and their future franchise QB in the 3rd rd Charlie Frye. A

    CHICAGO- CEDRIC BENSON RB workhorse back with outstanding resume' will have to adapt to the cold weather, we'll see how good his hands are when he can't feel them anymore, but the Bears addressed a need also as a bonus may have picked up their franchise QB in the 4th rd in Kyle Orton. B

    TAMPA BAY- CARNELL WILLIAMS RB the best all around multi talented RB in the draft also added alot of help on both sides of the ball, may have uncovered the surprise offensive rookie of the year in TE Alex Smith in the 3rd rd. A

    TENNESSEE- ADAM JONES CB blew it hard on this one by passing on Antrel Rolle, did redeem themselves by picking the top LT prospect in the draft Michael Roos and pair of WR's Courtney Roby & Brandon Jones. C

    MINNESOTA- TROY WILLIAMSON WR this is where things got all fouled up for the Texans, the Vikings should have went Mike Williams or Derrick Johnson & Williamson should have been there @ #13. anyways you'd expect results from a pick this high and Williamson should deliver in the slot and stretch the defense, it was just a little too high to take him. also took a chance on often injured Erasmus James. C

    ARIZONA- ANTRELL ROLLE CB great pick in my opinion, not only best player available best player at a need position that alone deserves an A. but Green kept it going by adding a weapon at rb J.J. Arrington, another solid db in Eric Green (really like this kid too) and OLB Darryl Blackstock (I was sure the Texans would have drafted him in the 3rd, his College coach, Mike London is now the Texans DL coach). A

    WASHINGTON- CARLOS ROGERS DB solid pick & has looked good, physical athelete. gave up their 1st rd pick of next year to trade up for QB Jason Campbell which at the time seemed like a lot but looking at the college QB's available in 06 this may turn out to work out, however this draft really had some solid later rd QB's available (see Frye/Orton) who's to say Campbell would not still be there at the 40th pick? seemed more like a panic pick. C

    DETROIT- MIKE WILLIAMS WR mooch subscribes to bpa, a collective groan as in shock value acorss the draft board. also landed Shaun Cody interior not to take a backseat to Travis Johnson in the 2nd rd. once again in my opinion they should have opted to go defense and for some reason shyed away from Derrick Johnson. it would have been interesting to see if Mike Williams was taken by the Vikings or Johnson by the Lions how this would have affected the next three picks with both Troy Williamson & DeMarcus Ware still on the board. B

    DALLAS- DeMARCUS WARE OLB my top pick for the Texans goes two picks earlier to the Cowboys, Williamson also gone to the Vikings. it seems like the Tuna re-tooled the entire defense in one draft (also added key FA CB Henry/Glenn) also added my top rated DL MArcus Spears and a player Vinny was real high on Chris Canty in the 4th rd. fyi 4th rd RB Marion Barber looks as good if not better than Morency the Texans lone 3rd rd pick expecially on returns. A

    SAN DIEGO- SHAWNE MERRIMAN OLB a gym rat with impressive size, speed and strength who fits the 3-4, what bad luck for the Texans with these teams picking just ahead having similar needs. once again also picked up an interior DL for the 3-4 latter in the 1st round. also you gotta love Darren Sproles the converted RB into KR from Kansas State in the 4th rd. could the Texans ever use him. B

    NEW ORLEANS VIA TEXANS- JAMMAL BROWN they too needed a LT & made the move to address this need giving up a 3rd rd pick in 06 just to move up three spots. turns out he may just be worth the move shutting Carolina DE sensation Julius Peppers to a standstill (yes he is a rookie) Jammal was considered to be head of the tackle class, maybe the Texans would like to reconsider the move? Josh Bullocks out of Nebraska is a solid FS (rare hard to find position to find players who can excell in the NFL) & LB Albert Fincher should provide some solid leadership. B

    CAROLINA- THOMAS DAVIS SS Davis may end up playing LB he has the size but also the speed & athletic ability to be a dominant Safety in the NFL. gee I don't know do you think the Texans could have a used a premier safety since the starter is usually injured and the only back-up is a 6th rd draft pick? Eric Shelton, 2nd rd pick is a power back & load to handle excellent lead blocker as well in pass protection. gotta mention the Panthers always add a linemen in the middle rounds and here is no exception in guard Evan Mathis, I believe at one time in a mock draft before the PB trade I had the Texans drafting him in the 3rd rd, in reality he was drafted by the Panthers at # 79 (5 picks after Morency, the Texans traded the #78 pick). B

    KANSAS CITY- DERRICK JOHNSON LB the player no one seemed to want went to an excellent situation and should thrive with Chiefs. be happy for him. a punter in the 2nd rd? well at least with Johnson it really made their draft a success no matter what. B

    HOUSTON VIA NEW ORLEANS- TRAVIS JOHNSON DT I had Marcus Spears rated higher at the end position but the Texans wanted more of the interior type which correct me if I'm wrong but in a 3-4 is that not a NOSE TACKLE (see 04 Vince Wilfork)? anyway Travis had a bum rap from media sources & draft services (Texans checked allegations & proved false) the Texans needed the infusion of youth and talent to the often injured front line so all along this was they guy at the top of their draft board. traded away the 2nd #47 & 3rd #78 for Philip Buchanon. with the 73rd pick added a quality RB in Morency then a speedy WR/KR in the 4th Jerome Mathis. these are all highly risky moves (just my opinion) as was the move to trade up the previous year for Babin. PB has to re-gain his form from Miami after slipping in Oakland & adjusting to the NFL as a general rule, Morency is a carbon copy of Davis, not such a bad thing but he is very raw & inexperienced especially for his age & Mathis played at a small school (Hampton) and is not used to the pounding and physical nature of the NFL, all will require patience and grooming. C
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    H-Town stomping once again!
    I must be honest you were very GENEROUS for the Texans. I mean I dont usually give an F to a team but when you have a GLARING need as the Texans did at OL and you don't pick up a OL until the 5th round (back up C at best) then you have to get an F IMO.

    We say we wont draft D Johnson b/c he plays in a 4-3 but we go get a T Johnson who played in a 4-3.

    Let's jsut say our 2nd round pick is PBUC. I can live with this one.
    3rd round...as you say a CC of DD. This pick left me :confused: to say the least. B/c he is so much like DD either you are saying you dont want DD anymore, can't resign him or something. The other reason and more importantly is b/c there were OL with STARTER potential.

    4th Round was Mathis who I feel could become a #2 for us given the proper coaching however with what our coaches have shown so far I worry for him as I do now for Carr.

    The fact that we let....T Davis, J Brown, and D Johnson walk past us for a extra 3rd next year???? Other than DRob we have noone whom cries IMPACT on our Defense. Good players yes. Good D. But SUPERSTARS. Not to me.

    OL though was just totally ignored and for that i give an F.
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    mathis was the best pick, IMO

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