1st Round Mock w/Trades

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    ok, it is almost impossible to predict trades, and these are not going to happen, but they would work out nicely for the teams involved. this is the first time ive done a mock w/trades

    the jets trade #4 overall and a 1st next year to houston for the #1.

    the packers trade #5 overall and a 3rd this year to the 49ers for the #7.

    jaguars trade #28, a 2nd this year, and a 2rd next year to the falcons for #15 overall.

    Draft Order Picks

    1. New York Jets- Bush, Reggie, RB USC

    2. New Orleans Saints- Young, Vince, QB Texas

    3. Tennessee Titans- Leinart, Matt, QB USC

    4. Houston Texans- Ferguson, D'Brickashaw, OT Virginia

    5. San Francisco 49ers- Hawk, A.J., LB Ohio St.

    6. Oakland Raiders- Williams, Mario, DE North Carolina St

    7. Green Bay Packers- White, LenDale, RB USC

    8. Buffalo Bills- Ngata, Haloti, DT Oregon

    9. Detroit Lions- Justice, Winston, OT USC

    10. Arizona Cardinals- Williams, DeAngelo, RB Memphis

    11. St. Louis Rams- Davis, Vernon, TE Maryland

    12. Cleveland Browns- Greenway, Chad, LB Iowa

    13. Baltimore Ravens- Huff, Michael, S Texas

    14. Philadelphia Eagles- Ryans, Demeco, LB Alabama

    15. Jacksonville Jaguars- Maroney, Laurence, RB Minnesota

    16. Miami Dolphins- Cutler, Jay, QB Vanderbilt

    17. Minnesota Vikings- Kiwanuka, Mathias, DE Boston College

    18. Dallas Cowboys- Holmes Santonio, WR Ohio State

    19. San Diego Chargers- Simpson, Ko, S South Carolina

    20. Kansas City Chiefs- Hali, Tamba, DE Penn St

    21. New England Patriots- Hill, Tye, CB Clemson

    22. Denver Broncos- Williams, Jimmy, CB Va Tech

    23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- McNeil, Marcus, OT Auburn

    24. Cincinnati Bengals- Bing, Darnell, S USC

    25. New York Giants- Sims, Ernie, LB Iowa

    26. Chicago Bears- Pope, Leonard, TE Georgia

    27. Carolina Panthers- Hagan, Derek, WR ASU

    28. Atlanta Falcons- Cromartie, Antonio, CB FSU

    29. Denver Broncos- Moss, Sinorice, WR Miami (FL)

    30. Indianapolis Colts- Howard, Thomas, LB UTEP

    31. Pittsburgh Steelers- Carpenter, Bobby, LB Ohio State

    32. Seattle Seahawks- Jackson, Chad, WR Florida
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    I'll leave it at this: why are the Packers giving up a 3rd round pick to move down 2 spots?
  3. dcarey20

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    my bad the niners trade them a 3rd
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    Lendale White going seventh overall? Very unlikely. DeAngello Williams is a much better RB and will get picked before him.
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    According to some reports i have read and some mocks by so called "Experts" If your trades followed thru the top 4 would look like this
    #1 NYJ Vince Young (NY not so sure about Pennington would take VY)
    #2 NO Matt Lienert (going to more NFL type QB)
    #3 Tenn D'Brickishaw Ferguson(Tenn looking to build up OL,Young does not fit Norm Chow type offense)
    #4 Hou (Well,Well,Well, look who's here) Bush RB USC
    Not my opinion just from what i read earlier today at some mock draft website,coupled with your trades.
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    Looks pretty good, I love the Ferguson pick.

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