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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by utahmark, Aug 12, 2007.

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    starting to rewatch the game. and here are my impressions.

    first drive by bears.
    mario didnt do anything. watching it the first time i was impressed with the way he got through a double team. seeing it the second time i realize how long it took him to get through that double team. did nothing else on the drive.

    kalu and babin got pressure on different plays.

    d-rob had a ball caught in front of him but later had a solid hit. the play that robinson gave up a first was the same play that mario got late pressure on the qb. i couldnt cover my grandmother for that long.

    texans first drive

    our first play run rt. our rt gaurd assuming its weary gets blown up. weary gets pushed into our fullback who was leading the play and green has nowhere to go. that was weary finally got his number.

    3rd and 7 looks like our lt gaurd and running back choose to pick up the wrong guys on a blitz. lt gaurd helped the center double a guy two guys run through the lt tackle/lt gaurd hole. green picks up one of the free men other one puts pressure on shaub. not really green's fault thought he might of picked up the wrong blitzer and could of gave shaub an extra tenth of a second. this one is tougher the more i look at it. maybe salaam could of slid down and helped. walter has pass knocked out of his hands but that was just good play by defense.

    this is not chi entire first team defense. they got a couple of probowl players sitting on the bench that i know of. maybe more.

    chicago 2cnd series

    nice punt stanley pins em deep.

    drob sure can tackle.

    some ex UT running back just ran right inbetween our 2 future hall of fame lineman. neither had double coverage. o lineman just moves our guys out of the way and you see benson going right inbetween them. this is just an ugly play ive got it paused and you can see both our guys getting stood up and i think benson must be smiling as he runs inbetween the two guys we are supposed to be building our defense around. okoye was playing on the lt side first couple of playes he did get a little pressure on the qb the play before.

    gleen earl gets plowed over.

    dline looked bad on that series. no pressure, rb's were gaining yards at will. im suprised we held them without a score.

    texans 2cnd series

    jacoby nice punt return.

    better play by o-line this series. not a whole lot on the ground but they were getting their blocks and seems they were just running simple plays not trying to fool anyone.

    good pass blocking as well schaub didnt really have any presure that whole series.

    aj and daniels caught balls.

    horrible pass by schaub to walters. the defender had fallen down need to get more air under that one. he didnt need the perfect pass any pass not overthrown would of been a td. schaub has looked good besides that play. im starting to like him.

    chi 3rd
    starters are out. babin makes nice play. int by our new free saftey.

    well thats it i will watch the rest anything interesting i will let you know.
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    Thanks for the recap. I was thinking many of the same things while watching the game. Not sure I'd call that first punt by Stanley a great one, since it had to roll like 30yds, but I'll take the pin down.
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    That had to be on McKinney, playing LG. There was no reason to double team that DT, except that McKinney failed to realize it was a blitz. He's been good for a couple of those a game his entire career here. Rule of thumb is for the back to pickup the blitzer closest to the ball. Green did that.

    On the play where the Bears corner fell down, I think Schaub was already in his throwing motion. Let the corner fall down on 10 plays like that, and Matt will have 9 TD passes. Really, a non-issue.

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