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    This is the analysis from Walter football :fans:


    Texans 19, Broncos 16

    Matt Schaub put together a nice opening drive against the Broncos, leading his team to a field goal. Schaub was 4-of-5 for 29 yards, but his one incompletion was on a third-and-goal when he threw into triple coverage.

    Jay Cutler also looked solid; he was 8-of-10 for 59 yards and scored a touchdown on a 15-yard run. The running game appeared not to work because it took Selvin Young four tries to get into positive yardage, but I thought he looked pretty good. Young caught two passes out of the backfield for 20 yards.

    Surprise! Ahman Green suffered an injury on his first touch, a 5-yard reception. He strained his groin and will miss next week's game. Don't draft this guy; he could double as Mr. Glass in the next Unbreakable movie.

    Eddie Royal finished with two catches for 13 yards. He beat Fred Bennett downfield on another occasion, but ran the wrong route.

    Both rookie left tackles - Houston's Duane Brown and Denver's Ryan Clady - performed very admirably in their first preseason game. Neither guy allowed a sack or was whistled for a penalty. Both Brown and Clady looked like they were seasoned veterans.

    As for the Broncos' right tackle? Not so much. In one half, Ryan Harris was whistled for two obvious holding penalties, one false start and an illegal formation. That's 30 yards in penalties in 30 minutes of action.

    Kris Brown nailed a 52-yard field goal in the second quarter. With Houston's improved offense aiding him, Brown's a solid option at kicker in fantasy.

    Matt Prater, Denver's replacement for Jason Elam, hit 3-of-4 field goal attempts, all of which were within 40 yards. Prater's miss was from 30, as it was wide right by about a mile. Prater could cost the Broncos at least two victories this season, assuming he even makes the team.

    Undrafted rookie Wesley Woodyard is going to make the Broncos' roster. It seemed like he was everywhere in the second half, and he made a number of solid plays, including one hit that knocked off Kasey Studdard's helmet.

    If Jay Cutler suffers a season-ending injury and Patrick Ramsey has to start all 16 games, the Broncos could go 0-16. That's how bad he is. Ramsey threw one of the worst passes I've ever seen from an NFL quarterback. Ramsey passed into double coverage and overshot his target by 15 yards. The ball fell into the lap of Texans safety Nick Ferguson. All of Ramsey's completions were short checkdowns and screens, which would explain why he had just 32 yards on six connected passes. In fact, the Texans commentators joked that Mike Shanahan was forced into calling a draw play on a third-and-nine, given Ramsey's inability to convert such a situation.
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    I'm getting happier and happier with Duane Brown the more I read of him.

    I wonder what this guy thought of our 2nd and 3rd QBs? Sage did pretty good, but he did look rusty. Boyd looks like he might kick Brink to the practice squad. It will be interesting to see what Brink does this Saturday.
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    I disagree on his take of Ryan Clady. The way it was written it sounds like he played just as well as Brown. It doesn't mention how Mario manhandled him. Would've been fine if the article had said he held his own in pass pro but was a liability in run blocking, but dont insinuate he played as well as Brown.

    Not that Brown played great or anything but he did a solid job and didn't stand out like Clady did in a bad way on any single occasion.

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