100 words from Gene Upshaw RE: Rookie Wage Scale

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Goldensilence, Apr 29, 2008.

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    Every spring, the buzz from general managers is, 'We need to fix rookie compensation.' We addressed this issue by limiting rookie pool growth and fixing the maximum number of years a rookie could sign. The length of contracts severely limits players’ ability to move money into future years. What the media doesn’t report is that the rookie pool is part of the overall salary cap, and a player is only a rookie for one season. Clubs want the players to pay for mistakes teams make in drafting. We’ll never agree to a rookie wage scale in such a short-career sport.

    I still think honestly something needs to be done. I'm usually a pro union guy but these guys are acting as if toning down the salary structure on first round rookie contracts is going to somehow send them to the poorhouse.
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    I am not going to say anything in public that could cost a bargaining chip, even if I know and you know taking money from 10-15 players at the top of the draft and giving to veterans is favared by the majority of actual NFLers.

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