10 random thoughts from Week 16

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by drewmar74, Dec 23, 2007.

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    1) The loss to Indy was hard to stomach. Not because we lost, but mainly because we didn't ever really seem to be competitive. I suppose one can argue that we were playing last year's superbowl champs at home.... but it was still disappointing. Even more so coming off of that emotional home win against Denver.

    2) Matt Moore wasn't spectacular in the Panthers' loss to the Cowboys last night, but he wasn't bad either. If I'm John Fox, I'm kicking myself for starting him well after the whole "Mr. Mittens Experiment." Me, I'm thinking that the David Carr era is over (league-wide) and, should he be resigned, it'll be because some GM got drunk and signs him on a dare.

    3) Spoiler action #1: Cleveland stinking up the joint against the Bungles. By laying a big turd in Cincy's cat box, the Browns must see the Titans lose next weekend to back into the playoffs. Romeo has done an awesome job this year and you can't say enough good about Derek Anderson but if there was one game you were going to win, it was this one.

    4) Spoiler action #2: The Packers could have kept pace with the Cowboys for home field advantage by beating the lowly Bears today. They didn't and now the playoffs roll through Dallas. Want to know why? Kyle Orton's beard. That's why.

    5) I was really hoping that the Giants would lose so that next weekend's Big Blue vs. Evil Empire matchup would get the hype machine rolling into full-blown overdrive. The Giants would have had to win to get into the playoffs and the Pats would still be going for perfection. As it is, we're going to get such a heavy dose of Pats media hype this week that we'll all be about ready to vomit by next weekend. "Just go ahead and run the table, would ya? I can't take another Tom Brady news conference and we all need some relief!"

    6) Dear Jack Del Rio: You've nothing left to play for. Please rest all of your starters next weekend and leave Fred Taylor AND Pocket Hercules in Jacksonville. Thanks, drewmar74.

    7) After watching Jeremy Shockey and Willie Parker break their legs in the past two weeks, I was cringing when I saw TO go down and his leg twist at an odd angle during the Panthers game. Me, I don't care for TO, but you hate to keep seeing these marquee players going down right before the playoffs.

    8) Spoiler action #3: Philly rolling into New Orleans and beating the Taints. Technically the Saints aren't eliminated at this point, but for them to get in everyone has to lose, they have to win, and Pythagoras' theory comes into play somewhere in there.

    9) How about Kevin Everett showing back up at the Bills game? How freaking cool is that. I remember that was much discussion that this man wouldn't live, much less walk again. All I can say is: God is good.

    10) So, if Darius Walker starts returning punts, can he get his own Diet Pepsi commercial? Can we not just talk about his rushing yards, but about his "all-purpose" yards? Just checking....

    Merry Christmas everyone! May the good Lord bless you and your families during this holiday season!
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    1) Oh man! Houston has a 38 spot thrown on them, J-ville rolls up 49 on the Raiders. And with the way the Texans seem to only be able to stop the run well into the secondary, that's looking like one scary game coming up. The good news is, the Jags have nothing to play for. They can do no worse or better than the 5 seed. Of course, Indy had nothing to play for either.

    2) Cowboys clinch home field!!!! Hopefully TO will be healthy in 3 weeks.

    3) Another crazy weather day for a Bills game. This time there was a little bit of everything. Powerful wind, pouring rain, sleet, snow, they had it all. I guess they won't mind too much playing a couple of games in Toronto next year.

    4) If the freaking Inbreds of Uranus squeak into the playoffs, I think I'm gonna puke. Thanks Cleveland.

    5) No flex game for the Texans. It goes to Indy and the Inbreds.

    6) Did I mention Jacksonville looks like a freaking beast?

    7) 15-0, just 4 to go. And they break the NFL record for TD's in a season that now stands at 71.

    8) Is Fred Taylor a Hall of Famer? Over 10,700 yards, 7 1,000 yard seasons, 6 of those over 1,200, a 4.7 career yards per carry. He's showing no signs of slowing down and if he were to go just another couple of seasons, could get to 13,000. Is he a HOF'er now, or would he need those extra couple of years.

    9) I guess there's no QB controversy in H-town this week. Sage looked more like rosemary today.

    10) Walker, first 2 carries, 30 yards. Last 17 carries, 36 yards.

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