10 random thoughts from Week 15

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by drewmar74, Dec 16, 2007.

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    1) We talk about players being football savvy and making "smart plays." Well, you can hardly beat what Brian Westbrook did today in the Iggles win over the 'Pokes. With the clock approaching the two minute warning, Westbrook broke a monster run through the Cowboy D and was well on his way to 6 points. Westbrook pulled up, though, and fell down at the one yard line sacrificing his TD in order to keep the Cowboys offense off of the field. In an era of "Me first!" players, Westbrook's maneuver was a refreshing change of pace.

    2) Chad Johnson, you are paid to do one thing: Catch balls in big games. Nice drop in the end zone, dillhole.

    3) So much for that "Atlanta's going to be angry and take it out on the Bucs" theory.

    4) That weather during the Cleveland vs. Buffalo game had to be the coolest freakin' football weather I've seen in years. That was hardcore. Just a shame, though, that Buffalo couldn't win that one for us.

    5) Do you think that the Saints management will have the stones to move Reggie Bush to slot receiver / return man next year? Nah, me either. That's 195 yards and 2 TD's for Stecker in two weeks and that stat should at least give the Saints brass a reason to reconsider what they're doing in their backfield.

    6) Congrats to the Dolphins! I was beginning to worry because I'm convinced that if the Pats ran the table and if the 'Phins went winless that Don Shula would actually explode.

    7) Seeing Brett Favre break most of Marino's records has been impressive this season. What has been more impressive, though, is how live his arm still is. I remember Marino in that last playoff loss to the Jags and how his arm had gone. It was like watching a 70-year-old woman try to throw passes. Favre still has a great arm and that, to me, is one of the most monumental aspects of this final phase of his career.

    8) Indianapolis got all that they wanted from Oakland. How that's relevant to our game against them next week, I don't know.

    9) Even in the inclement weather, I really thought that the Pats would hang 50+ on the Jets. The Jets stuck with them and hey, Mangini even got a handshake from Lord Vader!

    10) Mario! Mario! Mario! Mario!
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    1) Global warming by dumping all that snow and cold weather, killed my chances to advance to our fantasy title game. I didn't think I'd have much of a chance anyway when the team I'm playing has Romo and Owens, but when they had the games they did today, the cold and snow did me in in Buffalo and New England, and Pittsburgh too.

    2) OK, I thought I was watching a spinoff of the Tony Parker-Eva Longoria Show with the Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson Show on Fox today.

    3) Oh what I'd give to be at a football game like they had in Cleveland today.

    4) How much does it suck to lose to an 0-13 team? But they deserved to lose because they sure as hell didn't try to win it.

    5) Once again, Buffalo knocks Houston out of the playoffs.

    6) Congratulations to Bret Favre for becoming the all-time leading passer in yards!!

    7) Hey, Thursday counts as Week 15, and Mario Williams DOMINATED that football game. Almost every play he was 4 yards in the backfield the second the ball was snapped. That was fun to watch, 2 times so far.

    8) With 51 points, I guess it's OK for LT to sit next to Rivers again??

    9) It sucks that 14-0 won't be playing 0-14 next week.

    10) Cleveland's 8-0 win was the first 8-0 game in the NFL since 1929, when it happened twice in a span of 8 days. The Frankford Yellow Jackets defeated the Chicago Cardinals 8-0 on Nov. 2, 1929 and 8 days later the Chicago Cardinals shutout the Minneapolis Red Jackets 8-0 on Nov. 10.
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    just one to add...

    Buffalo vs Browns - WoooHoooo! Local newspaper sports section will not be FILLED :bat: with Buffalo making the playoff articles. ( I counted 5 articles [3 large/2 small] on them making the playoffs on a single days sports section). I am actually looking forward to the spin tomorrow, should be funny :) -- the only good thing to come from being knocked out of the playoff race
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    quick note to journalists: saying "two more to go" for the Patriots to attain the "perfect" season is inaccurate.
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    1. Sadly, the Jags look for real.

    2. How does one of the best divisions in football get the second fewest players in the probowl?

    3. How do two playoff teams get completly snubbed.

    4. To anyone I told to wait before saying Mario is one of the elite DE in the leauge, fire away.

    5. Though, I am an original gangstar who agreed with the pick since day one.

    6. Looked like a fun day in Clevland. Nice weather we are having this year.

    7. How can you justify bringing Bilick back? He is an awful coach, sloppy, and so arrogant its sickning.

    8. Props to Westbrook. Takes a real team player to do what he did.

    9. The Pats better hope JVille doesnt play them in their house. If the weather turns bad, they could lose. By alot. (Damn it hurts to say that)

    10. The Giants are awful. How can a team so good on paper look so bad on the field. By the way, Eli looks like he is molested by his body language. If I have to see that pouty face one more time, Ill bludgen someonee.
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    Good points. I added my thoughts in red. Not that my thoughts account for much. :)

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