10 picks in this years draft??????

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by baba ganoush, Apr 22, 2006.

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    There has been some rumors that the Jets would like to jump to the #1 overall and select Reggie Bush...if this is true on draft day, the Jets who have 7 of the first 140 something picks...for the trade to be equal the Jets would have to give up their two first rounders( #4 and #29), thier second rounder(#35) and thier fourth rounder (#103)...if the Jets were to make this a blockbuster trade we have our chance to take D'Brickashaw Ferguson...I would like to see the Texans solidify thier offensive line since they already addressed the defensive line...

    #1 - Reggie Bush - New York Jets
    #2 - Mario Williams - New Orleans
    #3 - Matt Lienhart - Tennessee Titans
    #4 - D'Brickashaw Ferguson - Houston Texans
    Even with the new offensive scheme, Ferguson would be able to translate well to it and protect David Carrs blindside for the next 10 years easy...

    #29 - Jonathan Joseph
    Would be able to start from day one alongside Dunta Robinson...of course he wont be the best and there will be up and downs but what do you expect from a rookie??

    #33 - LenDale White
    Even with a hammy problem he would be a great pick-up and make it easier on Domanick Davis...they would be a duo of hard nosed runners that just keep eating up yards and clock...

    #35 - Roger McIntosh
    Jonathan Vilma...D.J. Williams...do I even have to say anymore??? McIntosh is a solid sideline to sideline tackler who just gets the job done.

    #65 - Gerris Wilkinson
    I have to say I really like this guy in the middle of any defense...he would be a great contributer and I believe would be a great leader for the defense for years to come.

    #66 - Ray Edwards
    This is a guy who is big and would stuff the run and rush the passer as well...need to become a better player all around and hit the weight room.

    #97 - Devin Hester
    I say we keep him at corner...he played well in his career at Miami...showed good footwork and has fluid hips which leads me to put him at corner.He has the mentality to become one of those real aggresive players on the field and would show some of our defensive backs how to give out blows.

    #103 - Troy Reddick
    Big offensive lineman that is a very versitle player...could play many positions along the offensive line...needs to work on his character issues, has a chance to become a solid player.

    #161 - Will Allen
    Another big offensive lineman that can play many positions along the line...Played well in the Rose Bowl...I believe he would be able to replace Steve McKinney in the future.

    #193 - Greg Threat
    Another guy from Miami...lost his starting job as a senior, his junior year he4 led the team in tackles...we havent seen all of his potential, could be a big steal in this draft.

    please feel free to leave any response that you wish

    baba ganoush
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    As I've said before, they won't trade away the chance for Bush (assuming they even decide they are taking him at #1) unless they are guaranteed that they are getting Mario Williams in return, unless we are getting two 1sts this year, a 1st next year and another pick or two in there, or some kind of huge deal like that. Outside of that and on to your picks, I don't really like getting Ferguson as our top guy, and there is some specualtion among a lot of teams/scouts that it will take him a year or so before he's really ready to be a good NFL LT. I doubt Johnathan Joseph lasts until #29, but I'd definitely take him if he does. I doubt LenDale White lasts until #33, but if we don't go Bush in the 1st round I'd definitely heavily consider LenDale at #33. #35 is a little high for Roger McIntosh, I think he'll go somewhere in the 2nd round but if he's our target I think we can try to move back 5-8 spots and acquire another later pick and get him there. I don't see us drafting McIntosh and Wilkinson. I also don't see them taking Ray Edwards that high, he had a nice workout and has decent size, but he's been very inconsistent and there are a lot of questions about his heart and work ethic, and I don't know of many people that consider him a 3rd round talent, especially in the top 2 picks of the 3rd round. I think if they get a DE (which I can definitely see happening), they would look for a little bigger/stronger guy like Victor Adeyanju in the 4th round to back up Anthony Weaver and/or play strongside and let Weaver move inside on passing situations since we have Peek, Babin, and Kalu at weakside DE. Not real fond of the Hester pick, I think we can find someone that is a better fit for our team there. I don't like Troy Reddick either, I don't think he's a good fit at all for a zone blocking scheme, and I don't see them drafting 3 OLinemen. Greg Threat would be a nice addition that late in the draft.
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    Well this is the scenario I've been dreaming of since the USC -Freson St. game.
    The ONLY thing I like LenDale "pass another biscuit please" White for is the buffet In Vegas. Make a good show. Anyone so undisiplined to eat himself out of the first round I want on someone elses team. I'm assuming that you've also traded away Mathis. The only thing Hester plays is KR on this team, especailly in our division. That's a waisted pick. . Would've liked a young DB in biscuit's spot under this scenario. I don't see it happening . But I'm hoping.

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