10 NFL players who need to re-locate

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Rush23, Jul 5, 2009.

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    I think the title of the article could have been better...But that's just me talking...

    When I think of players who "need" to relocate I think of guys that have basically worn out their welcome in their respective cities...Guys that have fallen out of favor with their coaches...

    The guys on that list I would classify as "would be better" if they relocated...And for some of those guys it's pretty obvious that they "would be better if they relocated"...Like Calvin Johnson...Of course if he played in a more competent offense "he would be better", but I don't really think of him as a guy that "needs" to relocate...

    Fairly interesting to read and think about, but the title just had me in the wrong mind frame when I first started looking at the article...
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    Agree should be like the end of the article says players who could benefit from relocating.

    Only one who really stood out to me was Vernon Davis who has done next to nothing in the NFL. I'm not sure how much blame can be put on the QB situation either.
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    I do agree on Thigpen. Like most people, I wrote him off after watching him early, but as the season went on, he looked like a 1st round pick.
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    I think the article came off pretty bad, considering how certain guys are barely even in the league, so there is no way that they would be moved this early on in their careers. Calvin Johnson isn't going to be moved and has barely even played, so he should't have been on there, and the author doesn't know if Stafford and him will have a nice connection yet, so that was silly to me.

    Bennett was only a freaking rookie last season for god sakes. He has no idea how much he'll be used this season and I bet that Bennett gets a lot of balls thrown to him. He's just saying this because Witten is already there, but that's silly as well.

    Washington should have probably been moved a year or so ago so the author seems a little late on that one. Plus, he didn't even mention the biggest reason why Washington should leave which is the fact that they just drafted Shon Greene and now they have 3 capable RB's.

    And Antonio Bryant?? That has got to be the dumbest one on there, because Bryant just had his best season of his career finally so why the hell should he be moved? Plus, they have a young QB to develop now and Winslow is there to take more attention off of him.

    And Vernon Davis is another really really bad one he suggested. Davis was very overrated when he entered the league, and no QB situation made him a disappointment. And right now Vernon Davis and Singletary have a great relationship and Davis says that Singetary is the best coach he's ever had, so this could easily be Vernon's best season of his career with Singletary. After they had that fight where Vernon was sent to the showers, they ended up developing a great relationship and Davis started playing really well at the end of the season.

    And Volek?? WTF? He could have written that about Volek like 3 or 4 years ago when MCnair was going down with the Titans, but Volek hasn't done anything to warrant a strong interest lately. He's way late on that one.

    And where is Brandon Marshall on this list? How the hell does he not make this list when he needs to be moved more than anyone.

    What about Chad Johnson? He has been needing to be moved for years now.

    Chester Taylor?? Taylor could easily end up being one of the best RB's in the league possibly, and he has to sit in the shadow of the best RB in the league in Peterson. Taylor is a damn good Rb though.

    Michael Bush???? Bush gets drafted in the 3rd round and then the very next season they go after Mcfadden also right after giving a nice contract to the other guy they have over there, so they have a very crowded backfield in Oakland and Bush will most likely get lost in the shuffle, plus it's Oakland. Bush should be on this list way before Nnamdi Asomugha should for the simple fact that Bush won't get to see the field as much as he should and he just might be the best RB the Raiders have. At least Asomugha starts on his team.

    I think the reporter of this article needs a lot more NFL awareness.
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    This giant tree, standing 10,000 ft. high but not
    Vince Young?!? hahahahaha.....

    Travis Johnson could use a move. Or we could use him moving. One of the two....

    Chester Taylor is a good one Tex, he's a good RB behind an elite RB.

    For comedy he could've put Favre up there...
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    the only place Dunta is gonna relocate to his couch. No team is gonna pay him what he wants

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