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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by Ndevine7, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Assuming we win the division and lose in the divisional playoff round we should pick around 25th

    1st- Josh Chapman NT Alabama 6'1 310
    I know a lot of people are projected Alameda Ta'amu here, but there is a chance he may not be available at the 25th selection. Chapman is a smaller NT like Wade likes. I can see him shooting up draft boards as the season progresses. This guy is a beast and could be the NT we are looking for. While he isnt the best pass rusher, he is very stout and could be a great run stuffer.

    2nd- Juron Criner WR Arizona 6'4 210
    Criner is an animal who has great size that Gary looks for. Criner was a very productive player last year and is proving to be one this year as well. Criner would sure up our #2 WR for the next few years and hopefully can learn from Andre and become our #1 when Andre retires.

    3rd- Nate Potter OT/OG Boise State 6'6 300
    With Butler down, We do not have a solid replacement OT. Potter is a OT at Boise State, but also could play OG giving great value at this pick IMO. Potter has had a very solid career at Boise State and could prove to be a starter in in years to come. My only concern is he might not be available when we pick I see him as an early to mid 3rd round pick.

    4th- Keith Tandy CB West Virginia 5'10 198
    Hopefully KJ or Brandon Harris or anyone on this team steps up and holds down the #2 CB position. If no one can, we will probably be looking for a CB in the draft. I do not see any sure starters available at the 25th pick so I think the Texans will decide to take a player in a later round. While Tandy would not be an immediate starter, he has the talent to become one down the road and immediately make an impact as a nickel and dime player and on ST. Tandy has a nose for the football recording 6 ints last year and 2 so far this year. He could shoot up draft boards late depending on his season and combine but as of now I see him as a late 3rd to mid 4th.

    5th-Winston Guy CB/SS/FS Kentucky 6'1 210
    Winston Guy is the only bright spot on a poor Kentucky team. Had a great 2010 season and can potentially play either the CB or S position in the NFL. Will provide immediate impact on ST and can produce as a backup S or potential nickel or dime back.

    6th-Tanner Brock ILB TCU 6'3 250
    DeMeco has not looked like his pre-injury self. While its still early, Texans need to start looking for a potential replacement for him. Brock has not gotten as much publicity as fellow TCU LB Tank Carder, but still has put up solid stats. He is having a slow start to the year but is a very strong run stopper and should immediately make an impact on ST

    7th-Tony Jerod-Eddie, DE/DT, Texas A&M 6'5 300
    Very solid in run defense. Projects as a 5-technique in the NFL. Could provide some depth at the DE position behind Watt and Smith
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    I like Nate Potter but have him n secon maybe higher.
    Tanner Brock out for season wioth injury which might make him drop but 6th? I'd take a gamble there.
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    I really like Juron Criner .... the size and speed. Good value in the 2nd round.

    Nate Potter is an excellent pick just not sure he's there in the 3rd round , If he continues his current level of play I could see him going late in the first.
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    1. I considered Chapman but don't know much about him and think that he could be had in the 2nd round. He'd be a good pick if he's strong enough to stuff the run. I like the pick but it seems a little early.

    2. Criner, I love this pick almost as much as Jones. Good choice.

    3. Potter, this would take some luck in the 3rd round. Very good player.

    4. Tandy, I honestly don't know anything about him but another mid round CB isn't going to up our talent level at the position. What's he going to provide that KJ, Harris, McCain, McManis, or Carmichael can't do?

    5. Guy, good choice and with some coverage skill I think he'd be good depth at FS.

    6. Brock, I like him as well but it might take some luck to get him this late. He'd be great value in the 6th and late round picks can go anywhere from the 5th-7th easily. Good pick.

    7. Eddie, I thought of this guy as well. Good depth at DE to replace Bulman. Good pick.

    Overall very good mock though some player may take some luck for them to fall to us and that 4th round pick could be spent better.
  5. El Tejano

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    I like how you went DT in round 1 and WR in round 2. I believe round 3, we should start looking QB too though. If Matt gets us to the playoffs, he only has about 3-4 years to get us to the big game after that or he starts to not be as effective.

    What if we went round 1 WR, what kind of DTs would be round 2 worthy?

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