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What's Behind the NFL's TV Ratings Comeback?

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What's Behind the NFL's TV Ratings Comeback?

Through six weeks of the season, games across all its television partners are averaging about 16.3 million viewers, up 3 percent from last season.

Like a quarterback shrugging off a sack, the NFL is brushing off doubts about its ratings supremacy among U.S. TV viewers. Linear ratings for the league hit a multiyear bottom in 2017, prompting a rash of speculation about whether pro football's stranglehold atop the Nielsen charts was coming to an end. But now, as ratings for other programming keep declining, the audience for the NFL is rising.

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Well, so much for the oft-predicted demise of the NFL. :tvhorror:

I wasn't too concerned, but glad to hear it. The NFL is the only sport I care about beyond Astros baseball.