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Welcome to Houston Noah Brown


Under NRG
Texans have signed WR Noah Brown.
Big dude at 6'2" and 225 lbs.
This kid can play. Never had a huge year, but 500+ and 3TDs last season. He never has been in a position to see 100% what he can do.

The Pencil Neck

Hall of Fame
I remember in the preseason and training camp where they were talking about how this kid was one of the real bright spots and how our receiver's room was going to be better than expected. But I just chalked that up to the usual pre-season smoke blowing.

And then he got injured and didn't play the first few games. I had completely written him off at that point.

But... jeez... he has been totally balling out.


Hall of Fame
Honestly with Nico, Tank, Brown and Hutchinson... Do we really need to go WR in the 1st or 2nd? I feel DT and maybe 2nd a RB or CB is a better idea.
At this point, I am treating the WR/TE skill positions as plug and play. Find high upside value options like the Chiefs have been doing. Our Mahomes will maximize their talent :)

Now if there’s a CMC out there…