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Welcome to Houston David Culley, Head Coach


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I honestly have seen nothing in Culley's history in coaching that tells me he should be a HC. He was Baltimore's WR coach this past season and collectively they weren't good. He was the QB coach in Buffalo during Josh Allen's rookie campaign and got fired. We see what Josh Allen has become since then.

I honestly don't understand why he's even received consideration for this gig. And up until today, I didn't think he had a shot at landing it so I never even mentioned his name.


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I am more than a little okay with this hire. Methinks that the Texans went through a real process and didn't hire a dude because he everyone's favorite or the young hot thing.

If nothing else (maybe mostly) I am going to enjoy Florio and co. tripping over each other to say how bad this hire is

...and I made fun of Culley at some point shortly after his name was mentioned.

Edit: and this so predictably underwhelming Texans that I feel all is right with the world.
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I suspect that part of the interviewing process was letting prospects know that they already had the OC (Kelly) lined up and maybe even the DC and they took the guy that was OK with that. Hope I'm wrong because I don't like that process if that's how it went down. I'll wait to see who his coordinators are before making a judgment.


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Looks like Cuck is going to try to appeal to the Aggies again to try to keep the stands full. There are no sheep safe in Harris County after tomorrow. LMAO

I actually like that video somebody posted with Culley. Seems like a leader of men. I hate that he's going to be put in a rebuilding or DW4 doesn't want to be here type situation.


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Good Lord, I just read that the Ravens were last in the NFL in passing.

Well they do have a RB playing QB, but still this sounds like a terrible hire. The coaching staff is going to be a huge key and if the rumors I heard on the radio this morning are true this hire will be so bad.


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Don’t know anything about him but his age. The Bucs hired Arians at 68 but were only a few pieces away.

The Texans are a lot further away. Do you really want to rebuild a franchise with a 65 year old head coach? Asking for a friend.
That wasn't his 1st coaching job. It took him awhile, but he Coached Arizona 1st