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Watt out for season - Not


While I hope he recovers and comes back, we have to be ready for a small possibility that this could turn into an Andrew Luck situation. I am not ready :(

Now we have another major need on defense.


Time for another shortsighted trade that still won’t make us elite within the small window we even have to win a Super Bowl.


We are no longer tied to JJ contract wise. It’s either he retires or restructures. Too many injuries. It’s time.
we also have an absolutely gigantic hole to fill on defense. We had 1 elite defensive player; now we have zero.


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I'm not in favor of it - just a hypothetical:

Hopkins for von Miller
From what I’ve read the broncos want a huge pick haul. They’re in full rebuild mode if they trade miller. Not sure how Hopkins makes since in that scenario.


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We need the secondary to get healthy during the bye week, and Romeo is going to need to do more things to manufacture pressure. Fortunately, the defensive line should still be strong vs. the run without Watt.


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Now RAC is going to have to show his coaching skills. He’s going to have to get creative with blitz packages. We are going to have to get to the QB with scheme.


well we seen the ninja Antonio Smith today drag him out of retirement and let him play DE LOL …. hell get cushing has well while we are at it


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Unfortunately we have a GM who doesn't seem to have any backup plan whatsoever. Basically, we are screwed if anything goes wrong.


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I'll be honest I'd love to get a first-round pick and lose Reader. I'd move Blackson to the nose and play Omenihu on the line opposite Watt.
Perhaps I was more forward looking than I thought? Watt out so for 2020: Omenihu, Watkins (replacing Reader), Blackson for our line. I think a first for Reader as a tender is possible and man do we need it.


lmao so many people want trash dadeveon clown HAHAHAHAHAHA he only has 2 sacks and been TRASH! so glad we got rid of him. sad JJ is out for the season but next man up. good thing we got depth with that trade on lbs all we need some depth on dline now
The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall. Jj’s a warrior, it would be nice to see him play through this injury like all the defensive greats once in there career. Would definitely add points to his hof legacy and inspire this team. Of course, the playoffs


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He will have played what? 12 games out of the past 64? At the end of this season. In his words, brutal.
This makes 3 out of the past 4 seasons Watt has had a season ending injury. But, he did play all 16 games, as well as the wildcard game, in 2018.