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Watt Fantasy Football League


looking for players for 10-12 team league
it's my 2nd season running it
$20 last year, players want to play for $40 this year
we need 1 or 2 more to make 10-12 team league

ESPN or Yahoo based

below is the 'structure' from last year

official 12 teams , $20 each , if you have not paid, text me
$240 pot

6 team playoff
week 14 , 15 , 16

Championship game teams get paid
Champion $80
Runner up $40

13 weeks regular season
Highest scoring teams in the final 8 weeks of fantasy football regular season get paid
Hopefully, this will keep non playoff teams interested late in the season

Payouts for regular season are :
Highest 2nd highest
13th $12 $6
12th 12 6
11th 12 6
10th 10 5
9th 10 5
8th 10 5
7th 9 4
6th 8

Let me know if interested


got full a couple days ago. you will be first on the waitlist , if you want , just in case someone backs out , FYI , 31st Wednesday is the draft night
if that's ok, msg me your email / phone


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That's only two days from now so it seems unlikely. Just PM me if something happens last minute. I'm on this site several times a day right now. Thanks!


Looking to do this this 2017

But a Fantasy auction league for those newbs on auction. It's a lot of fun!
Who wants to try? $20
Draft for 10 team league on Sept 3 or 4

post here or msg


Fantasy Auction league. Let me know if you're interested, shoot me a msg.
10-12 teams
couple of spots open