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Watson just got Schaubbed...


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What's amazing is that they were in the lead with less than a minute to play against a really good team in their house while the offensive line was bad , the secondary worse , the pass rush nonexistent and JJ Watt was silent.

Tunsil wasn't real good , Clowney was missed and why's Colvin still on the field?

The running game was a pleasant surprise.

Hard to fault Tunsil for that performance only being in the building 5 days. He should improve leaps and bounds …. but the rest of that OL is just a mess.


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Was it 2009 when we lost 3 or more games after Schaub tying or taking the lead with < a minute left? I know the jets was one...
Reminds me of the year our team was playing with Richard Smith as DC. Offense scoring 30+.


But who is the next DC in waiting?


Happened in 2010 as well. Schaub got us back ahead on the scoreboard against the Jags with 30 seconds to go. With about 8 seconds left on the clock, Jags throw a Hail Mary that our defenders deflect right into the receiver’s hands for the game winning TD. It was heartbreaking!