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Texans Rookie Grades to this point (Week 7)


Under NRG
I am going to try to keep up the grades every other week until the season ends. But, through week 7, here is how the talking heads grade the 2023 draft class. As usual, CJ with the highest grade with Anderson closing in on a similar grade.



Football connoisseur
Stroud has played above my expectations and has me excited for his and the Texans future.
WA is a little below, but still on a good track and I expect him to continue to prove his value to the team.
Dell also has been good as has HTT.
Overall, this was an excellent draft for the Texans and I expect DR will continue to improve also and be a positive, ongoing influence on the draft process.
So far, this past off-season has been the best one I have seen for our Texans and the future looks bright moving forward.
For this, NC deserves huge kudos.