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Texans New Uniforms will debut at Draft.


All Pro
Won’t The Adams Family throw beotch fit over this look as well? It’s like the McNair’s borrowed their unused uniforms. Texans really need a much more stand alone look.
Probably won’t even be the design, just some dude from twitter so we will see the uniforms in about 2 months. Even if it’s not the design the Adam’s family will still publicly cry about when they are revealed in April. No matter how different the uniforms are.


Our jerseys are perfect as is. Really dumb.

Any time jerseys get redesigned they almost always come out uglier, more cartoony and clown-ish. I have a feeling we will lose our sharp, clean look.

Why not "establish the brand identity" with what we got with the new era going forward. Liberty White. Steel Blue. Battle Red. Perfect shades, really. I like our font, style, and everything. I definitely believe our jerseys are the most underrated in football, and that's looking through an unbiased lens. That stupid Oiler Blue has no ******* business on our uniforms or as part of our color scheme even as an accent. I don't want to look like the Seahawks with their dumb accents.

I don't know. I do not like this at all.
I really like the red helmets and jerseys with the white pants. Hope they keep those. Fave uniforms are the Ravens…
Yeah we def need to change what our primary uni's are. Would like the Red candy helmets to be a primary staple...thursday color splash unis are fire too.


2024 / Rebuilding Block 4 After Playoffs / Texans
I'd still like a base color of Gun-Metal Gray Metallic for the helmets and pants. No other team really uses this color.

Cowboys, Lions, Panthers, Patriots, and Raiders use Silver as a base.

Bucs use a Pewter as their base.