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Super Bowl Champs in spite of Head Coach


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We have many examples of teams winning the Super Bowl in spite of their QB. Mediocre to bad QBs who have Super Bowl rings.

Can you think of any team that won a Super Bowl in spite of the head coach? Someone considered a mediocre to bad HC with a ring?

I'm thinking Barry Switzer. Anyone else?


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Both Switzer and Kubiak stepped into situations where things were already built up for them. I guess Billick did too, really. OB has been here 6 years doing the building. Off the top of my head I can't think of a mediocre coach who had his handprint all over the team for as long as OB has, and gone on to win.


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Barry Switzer was gifted a ready to go SB team in Dallas. That was a self-driving car well before its time. Barry could've sat on the bench and drank coffee and still watched Jimmy Johnson's team win the SB.