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Pharoahcious Film

Uncle Rico

Ur apology should be as loud as Ur disrespect was
cool video .. i felt the music was a little strong, I wouldnt let my son watch the video for that reason alone.
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yep, that was a cool video of the positive plays of the season...

I agree with Uncle Rico, I had to turn my speakers off... would prefer football audio or at least something football like NFL films theme music


I agree with the previous comments on the music. You spent your valuable time making the videos and people should to appreciate your efforts. The music totally ruins your efforts. Just my IMHO.
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Great videos, that first one was amazing. I also agree about the music. You don't have to go old school NFL Films, but lyrics are often a deal breaker for folks. Heck use the same songs, but the beat/instrumental versions.
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That music in the videos are what a majority of the players listen to isn't it? Not my personal preference but I think when you walk into an NFL locker room, post game, the same songs are typically playing. I didn't mind the music as much because it symbolizes today's game. Great job with the highlights.

In fact, in that first highlight video the song, "Money In The Bank" by BAKA NOT NICE, is a song I heard playing in the background during one of the NFL Playoff games recently. I think the Eagles were listening to it inside their locker room after they had defeated the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game.


Yeah I can't use instrumentals because the timing of the lyrics is what I feel gives the video character although, I will try to use music that is less vulgar. It's hard to find passionate music these days though! I'm sorry if it offended anyone. Please checkout my mock draft video. No vulgarity I promise!