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Memorable Moments From Regular Season


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What are y’all’s most memorable plays from the regular season? I think this will be fun to remember the high points of multiple players and get excited about the upcoming playoff game.

There will be a lot of Watson posts as there should be, let’s not forget guys like Reader, Cunningham, Fairbairn, JJoe, etc. I know Watson has done amazing things, and it’s great to have highlights of him, but let’s try to spread the love and remember the other guys who are over looked too. We have had a player’s mom check in, so you never know who is watching, and it is a team sport. You get the point.

Also, challenge to the person who can link one of OB’s best coaching calls. Is there one?

Here is mine:

Goal Line Stuff by Justin Reid against the Jags in the second game of the season.



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Week 1: Texans vs Saints (MNF)
Hell of a game to kick off the 2019 season. It was awesome that the entire nation got to witness such an amazing performance by our franchise QB! That game was everything!! Too bad the defense let us down, ruining what should have been a dramatic come from behind win.



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I go back to this one by Akins, it's at the 11:30 mark. His 50+ yarder against the Chargers to give the Texans a 27-17 lead. Watson, of course escaped the rush, and found Akins open over the middle. Dude made a nice run to get in the end zone.

How about this for utilizing the TE's; that game Akins and Fells combined for 8 receptions, 122 yards and 3 TD's. Would love to see that this Sunday.

And honorable mention to the Defense that game. Chargers had the ball for 15 plays last drive to tie and couldn't get it done.


The ones already mentioned are the obvious ones for me but I'll add Jonathan Joseph stopping TY Hilton in the win over the Colts after all the nonsense clown drama last season and in that playoff game. JJo had some key defenses to help us win that game and he's had maybe a bit of an underrated season(he's near the top in passes defended no?, IDK for sure I know he was up there) and perhaps even an underrated career here with us. He's always been one of my favorite Texans I hope he brings it tomorrow.