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Irish Texans Fans in town for Raiders Game


Practice Squad
Hi all

My wife and I are Texans fans and have booked a trip to Houston for the raiders home game in Oct.
I’m really hopeful for the season ahead,really encouraged by the positives from the saints game,if we iron out some kinks.we could have a great season.
We had discussed going to the London game,but decided to tick one off the bucket list and go to a home game.
I have purchased tickets(sec 113) and hotel in the galleria district,
I am looking for some pointers/advice on how to make the most of the experience.
We’ve been to a couple of giants game in the MetLife on NYC trips previously.

So if anybody can give any advice on
-Texans fans bars pre and post game
-the tailgating experience-does anybody want to adopt 2 Irish fans for the day ?
-travel options to the stadium from galleria
-and how can I find out which jersey the Texans will be wearing for this game(need to wear the right jersey)

Thanks in advance



Tweak the offense already!
Welcome aboard and glad to have you here. I'm sure you will get some responses tomorrow - the forum regulars are probably out getting drunk on a Friday night!

So how did you become a Texans fan?


Practice Squad
Nfl has become very popular on the side of world.
My interest started with books like Paper Lion,Friday Night Lights and Nate Jackson’s Slow Getting Up.
The London games make it more accessible and there have been several college games in Dublin that I attended
I’d been following it for a while, in 2012 I decided I needed a team to support rather than just watching,from watching Redzone every Sunday it seemed JJ Watt just dominated every game he played,that started my interest and the history of the franchise and being the newest team in the league.
I actually had hoped the Texans would have drafted Johnny Manizel having followed some of his college career(probably best that we didn’t)

It just seemed a good fit for me
I like to think I’m Ireland’s number 1 Texans fan now,I even have convinced my wife and some work colleagues to support the Texans


Tweak the offense already!
Yeah, let's hope JJ can continue to wreak havoc. In his prime, he was amazing, really enjoyed watching him. He's got his work cut out for him this year, with no one else on the line to keep him from getting double-teamed. And he isn't quite what he was before the injuries.

Hope you have a great time at the game, I'll be rooting for the Texans from home. Please reply back with your experiences from the game.

Hope you have a great time in Texas, and have a safe trip back! Go Texans!!!