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What am I thankfull for?

Well it’s kind of hard to say since I just lost my “Moms” a few months ago. In fact, I’ll be spending Thursday 11/28/13 by myself. That’s okay.. I will do this and cook a small turkey for myself knowing “Moms” would want me to and will enjoy it with me.

Tracy, my full-on blood sister is doing an un-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. (I hope to visit). Deep-Fried Turkey anyone???

George (given the fact that I’m not coming over) is gonna do the IHOP option.


I’ll cook this bird merely for sammiches and nothing else. I hope to visit Trace and Bill and maybe George. What’s effed up is that I’m working Friday.

So what happens is, what I said was……….. I gotta work tomorrow, wake up Thursday, put the Turkey in.

Depending on time:
From Sharpstown, go to Sugar Land, then go to Jersey Village and then return home in a timely fashion with regards to being a “normal” work night.



At the end of the day (after all that ramblin') I'm so thankful for all of our "Blue Crew" family AND their family and friends!!

I'm thankful for all of the friends that I've met through TexansTalk.

******************** As an aside****************

Prayers to original "Blue Crewers", Keith and Kimberley #Smiles

We love y'all!!!


All Pro
YOOHOO................ :hobie:

I am thankful for you T_B, I will be your turkey..... "gobble,gobble!!"

Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend!!