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Hard Knocks 2024


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So...will the season the Houston Texans are having mean they are a lock to be featured on Hard Knocks next year?

1st year HC
Rookie OC
Dynamite rookie QB
Houston/Tennessee drama
National love for CJ

I think it's highly probably.


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I think you are immune if you have a winning record. Could be wrong. They absolutely would be a good choice for it, but highly doubt Nick would sign off on it either way.
Three factors exempt a team: (1) having a new head coach; (2) making the playoffs in either of the two most recent seasons; (3) submitting to the show in the past ten years.
We did the show in 2015.



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"A team is ineligible to appear if it has a first-year head coach, has made the playoffs in the previous two seasons or has hosted the show in the previous 10 years.Jul 3, 2023"

So no Texans will not be on Hardknocks.


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I’m only talking about your avatar, not your posts. I remember ignoring your posts when you started using Easterby’s picture and then later found out you actually weren’t a troll.
That's just sad man...


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That's just sad man...
I just thought it was a burner account. I didn’t actually put him on ignore. That was the time we had the Derapist fans crying racism and all that other mess. Back when you had to skim through all those back and forth arguments before getting to posts actually discussing whatever the topic was. It was an annoying/irritating time.