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For those of you saying "what is he supposed to say" still don't grasp the fact that, they don't have to say ANYTHING. & most everyone who says he doesn't know what he's doing & he's incompetent are standing outside on Kirby...i.e. not in the locker room...That includes those in the media claiming to have sources inside the FO. They are the worst offenders & get you guys all riled up.


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FIFY here:

Bill O'Brien, Houston – As a head coach O'Brien has a 52-42 regular season record, winning only 54.2% of his games. He took over the Texans in 2014 and went on to post a 9-7 record that year based on a great defense that was coached by Romeo Crennel. Remember the Texans had won the Division two years earlier with a 12-4 record, so it wasn’t like he had to build a team. This team won because of the defense, led by Crennel.

Oh, and BTW, the AFC South (besides the Texans) posted a combined record of 8-22 outside the division.
If OB had won a Superb Owl you wouldn't have started that other thread
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