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Festivus for the rest of us


Guard your tongue before it digs your grave.
Aww I got a thumbs down from a penguin.

I thought this was the season for polar bears and penguins to be at peace and drink a coke.

Guess CGI lies to us after all.

Or its just peace on earth for penguins and polar bears. 🤔

Penguin does it to us all. Just go to his profile and dislike all his previous posts...

Last years Festivus miracle was ob getting fired. I'm grateful.


Former Yeller Dweller
Nah, someone is clearly unhappy.

I don't know who would hurt a penguin so blatant and deeply.. but PETA needs to know about this!
I'd imagine a penguin in Texas would be pretty riled up with as hot as it is. 83 Christmas Day?? Penguins no likey.