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Does Seattle's refusal to tender clowney make a difference?


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I thought it was strange that they weren't chomping at the bit to extend an offer. I need to figure out a way to tie player salary slot to draft pick value.

Trying to evaluate these deals in hindsight and I'm kind of curious... What is wrong with clowney that Seattle doesn't want to tender him at basically the same salary he made last year (nevermind we paid like half)? Not saying it was a good deal, but it looks better than it did.



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That Clowney is just a malcontent from the git-go, isn't he? He doesn't like football, just money, right?
I don't know about all that. I think he's got it in his head that he's among the best in the league at his position & wants to get paid like it. Unfortunately his production doesn't back that up.

He's good. Yes. Better than most. Yes. Should get paid like it. Yes.

Record setting contract. No. Paid as top 5 in the league. No.


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The wording of the tweet ("near what Clowney thought he was going to get") can be easily misleading................until you read this article:


Rumor: Jadeveon Clowney has contract offer from Eagles

MAY 09, 2020 - 10:06 AM

There continues to be smoke around the possibility of the Eagles signing Jadeveon Clowney.

The latest rumor connecting the two comes from former NFL player and radio analyst Dan Sileo, who says the Eagles have "put a deal" in front of Clowney:

Dan Sileo ✔@DanSileoShow

The @Eagles have put a deal in front of @clownejd ...The @Seahawks want him back...BUT both deals are near what Clowney thought he was going to get...stay tuned!!

8:08 AM - May 9, 2020
This rumor comes on the heels of a report from FOX 26’s Mark Berman in Houston that the Eagles are one of five teams still showing interest in signing Clowney. The other four, according to Berman, are the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks. Berman recently posted a seires of videos of Clowney working out in Houston and spoke to the defensive end.

"I’m just waiting on the right opportunity," Clowney said.

If the rumor is true, and the Eagles do have a contract offer out to Clowney, it doesn't necessarily mean they are all-in on trying to sign him. The Eagles could have let his agent know a number they are willing to sign Clowney at, but that number could be so low that it isn't realistically going to happen. The Eagles always keep tabs on free agents, especially ones like Clowney, and try to get a bargain deal if they can.....................................................

Despite a need at pass rusher, Howie Roseman didn’t make a trade for Clowney last season when he had a chance, a move that came back to bite the Eagles. Part of the reason at the time was the team’s desire to give Derek Barnett a chance to develop and be the starter opposite of Brandon Graham. Another was Clowney being on the franchise tag with no option to negotiate a new deal at the time of the trade.

Close to eleven months later, however, things could have changed for the Eagles and their interest in Clowney.

To start, Barnett had a disappointing season and it is hard to feel overly confident about him making a big impact as a full-time starter in 2020. The Eagles likely won’t be as hesitant to bring in a big-time pass rusher if they get the chance, even if it does impact Barnett’s snaps.

Another reason the Eagles could be showing more interest now is that they will get the chance to sign Clowney to a much more team-friendly deal. Paying Clowney the franchise tag last season would have eaten up almost all of their cap space at the time. Now, after sitting on the free agency market for months, Clowney’s deal will likely be much cheaper than anticipated, and he might even be willing to accept a one-year.

Clowney had more interest in joining the Eagles than the Eagles did in bringing him in last year, and if it comes down to it, he might decide Philadelphia — where he can rush the passer along some elite defensive tackles — is the best spot for him to grow his value for next offseason.

Whether the Eagles are open to signing Clowney to a long-term deal remains to be seen, but one thing does seem clear — as Clowney remains unsigned and his value is presumably dropping, Roseman appears ready and willing to make a move if the price is right.


The article refers to Clowney as a big-time pass rusher.............all these rumors over the past months sound more like Clowney's agent is selectively putting things out there in order to stir interest..............where in fact little exists for what he still wants out of a new contract.