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Caserio Trades Mark Ingram


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I was reading one report where the verbiage “potential late round picks” was used to describe the trade. I’d be pretty impressed if Caserio got more than one late round pick.


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I know this breaks your heart since you were so adamant in wanting to keep him. If they traded him before the season started they could've got a 2nd RD. Now a 3rd RD if they are lucky. This would be another big restructured contract that would be traded. I believe that would leave Tunsil as the loan remaining restructured contract.
Breaks my heart? LMAO

Yes I believe in having afew vets around to show the young guys the ropes.

If Cooks is traded then the $$$$ will be off of the books. I bet Caserio eats some of the money to get the 2nd rd pick and I've got no issues with that because Caserio isn't going to need the cap space next yr anyways.