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All encompassing 2022 draft thoughts thread


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Philadelphia paid a steep price to move up two spots and take Jordan Davis at No. 13. It only cost three Day 3 picks, but the difference between what you get at 13 and 15 is tiny, and so the Eagles paid three picks for almost nothing.

In fact, according to our Draft Day Predictor there was a 55% chance before pick No. 13 that Davis would still be available at pick No. 15, so there was about a coin flip's shot they literally traded those three picks for nothing.

I'm somewhat sympathetic to the argument that there was a talent drop-off after 14 in this draft -- and you could argue that's a knock against Houston's side of things -- though they also could have traded down again. That theory could also ease the burden of the Eagles' trade up, though I'm skeptical of any player whose primary strength coming in the run game -- like Davis -- being considered in an elite tier of prospects. Regardless, though: this deal was not close -- Houston came out ahead.
OK so looks like the guys at ESPN clearly think our GM schooled Eagles GM Howie Roseman on this transaction.


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They paid it gladly to move ahead of the Ravens. 13th is a draft slot, mark it down, to slide or trade into each draft, usually great player available and offers.

Remains to be seen how great of NFL player, Davis, Hamilton or Greene become? All three are positions of lesser value, but made to fill higher need. All three have real high floors. Ceiling will be up to team and player. All three great fits with Hamilton in Raven defense best situation day one.