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3 brits coming for the Thanksgiving weekend Pats game.

Steve Romanski

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Hi guys(and gals of course), Myself nd 2 friends are finally getting our act in gear and flying out for the thanksgiving weekend football extravaganza. To say we are excited is rather an understatement.
I’ve been scouring all available resources to try and make our experience the best possible.
We shall be heading to Houston Sunday morning from LSU (going to the tigers v A&M game),
We are just wondering whether to drive and park at the stadium (get a parking pass) or to stay downtown and metro rail to the game? We are looking to visit NASA on the Monday so thinking maybe the drive on the Monday morning from NRG (if we stay nearby) maybe easier than from downtown? We are also curious as its the Sunday night game whether the metro rail will run late on a Sunday and also will there be any bars/clubs open late Sunday if we still wanted to party?
Finally is there much tailgating for a late game? If so what time would be best to turn up?
Many thanks in advice, apologies for the long message but sooooo excited> especially after this weeks awesome win.


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i'm gonna be in your country these next couple of weeks, any places i can go to watch texans games?

the drive to NASA from NRG as opposed to Downtown is marginally shorter. if i were y'all i'd do the light rail option. the rail oughta be running for the game (but the metro website says it runs 5:30 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. Sunday so that's confusing). also, bars'll close at 2am on sunday, so party away. tailgating starts 4 hours before gametime in most of the parking lots, so get to the stadium like 2 hours ahead of time.


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A night game typically ends by 10:30-11:00, so light rail shouldn't be a problem. And I think they run longer than their normal hours for games/events.

Driving to NRG, unless you plan on getting there 3-4 hours before the game to tailgate, I would advise against driving. I left for a night game from a little north of downtown (18 miles or so north) at about 5:30 once and didn't pull into the parking lots until the game was kicking off (7:30ish). Got to my seats midway through the 1st quarter. That was for a Thursday night game though. Shouldn't be as bad on a Sunday evening, so maybe driving is an option. You, of course would then need a parking pass.

After the game, if you're going back downtown, yes, there are plenty of bars along Main St (north side of downtown), which the light rail runs down.

The drive to NASA on Monday morning shouldn't be a problem from either location, as it's headed in the opposite direction of rush hour traffic. Actually probably easier from downtown as it's a straight shot down I-45, which can be accessed pretty easily.
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Also keep in mind, that game could get flexed out of the Sunday night time slot. So it could end up being a 3:30 game, possibly even noon. If it's flexed, that announcement would be no less than 2 weeks beforehand.


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I don't know yall's budget but y'all could get a hotel room across the street on 610 and Kirby at the Crowne Plaza (it's about $90.00/100.00 US per night). You can literally walk across the street from the hotel to NRG or Reliant (whatever the heck it's called now) stadium. Please be sure to stop by and say HI to Blue Crew in the Platinum Lot (directly across Kirby from that hotel. Ask for TedC, Kathryn, Bronco Billy or me.

Tailgating (Texans)? We're the best, it's a fact! Y'all will see although we may not have bangers and hash. LOL!!

Looking forward to meeting y'all in the US' most diverse city.

Safe travels!