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    Texans @ Chiefs - 2nd Round (And Round 2)

    So excited for today! Titans set the stage for what could be the most epic showdown in Houston sports history next week provided the Texans take care of business today!!! And the good guys have the franchise QB with the winning CLUTCH gene!
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    Texans don’t plan to hire a G.M. in 2020

    Probably hard to convince any viable candidate to come with that setup and 2 previous GMs still getting paid.
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    NFL.com saying Texans signed Vernon Hargreaves

    Would rather take flyers on players talented enough to be former 1st round picks than street free agents that can’t even get on a final 53 man roster if they’re lucky enough to get invited to an NFL training camp like we’ve done in the past.
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    Injury Thread

    Any idea what happened to JJ’s shoulder from the game film? @CloakNNNdagger
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    Game 8...Silver And Black...Oakland Raiders!

    This is a smash spot for the Texans. Good guys win 42-6
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    Texans Acquire Gareon Conley DB from the Raiders for a Third round pick

    Peters is a known locker room cancer and for every big play he makes he gives up another 2. NFL teams hate giving up big plays more than they enjoy making them... and they definitely don't like locker room cancers.
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    Texans Acquire Gareon Conley DB from the Raiders for a Third round pick

    Texans have Raiders and Jags on deck before bye. Hopefully Conley will be up to speed on playbook enough to be usable against those two more run heavy teams. Then hopefully Roby gets back after bye and Texans have talented young depth at CB and old man Jo Jo still has something left for a...
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    Texans Acquire Gareon Conley DB from the Raiders for a Third round pick

    In Conley’s case a change of scenery could help him a bunch. He was not drafted by Gruden and when Gruden was hired they made their defense zone coverage heavy whereas Conley played mainly press man in college. Different skill sets required for different schemes and chances are Conley will fit...
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    Texans Acquire Gareon Conley DB from the Raiders for a Third round pick

    To be fair to OB “JAG” is an upgrade in his mind for a 3rd rounder over his previous 3rd round pickups.
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    Texans Acquire Gareon Conley DB from the Raiders for a Third round pick

    Better system fit in Houston and supporting cast. Texans now have: two underachieving 1st round CBs in Roby/Conley one old 1st round CB in Jo Jo and one 2nd round CB in Lonnie It stinks OB continues to mortgage the future giving away draft picks like they’re candy. But Conley is a good...
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    Can the current texans defense stop T.Y. Hilton

    Will be interesting to see if they can pull it off. Their defense is built to stop DW4. Hopefully not a big drop off from Howard to Roderick Johnson and our OL can continue improving/not allow a repeat of last season’s playoff game.
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    Can the current texans defense stop T.Y. Hilton

    TY is being used more short area this year and catching more balls/taking more punishment. He’s already missed 1 game this season because he’s not built to be a 100 catch WR like Hopkins. He can still score from anywhere on the field if Texans are undisciplined but the likelihood of the big play...
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    Takeaways from the Chiefs game.

    Big win in KC! Going to Indy next week gotta keep that momentum going! Indy's zone D gave DW4 fits in playoffs but I think (hope) he'll make the adjustments next week. They wont be able to run on Texans like they did Chiefs last week! But they still got TY
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    O'Brien gained respect

    Mahomes was hobbled but Texans didn’t have Jojo all game and Roby half the game yet still held him in check 2nd half with a patchwork secondary. Well deserved win.
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    Texans Pass Rushing discussion

    Think it was gameplan specific with CMC running the ball so much and Martin not being as good a run defender.
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    Injury Thread

    @CloakNNNdagger any news on Zach Fulton? Did he injure his back in pregame warmups?
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    Game 4...Prove It...Carolina Panthers!

    Texans got complacent. Should be easily controlling this game but missed FG and unneeded gadget play taking points off the board. Need to come out firing in second half.
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    Game 4...Prove It...Carolina Panthers!

    Hard to beat Watt-Fork goal line package or the Chris Brown pass.
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    Texans random thought of the day

    The coaching staff loves Martin for whatever reason. No sense talking about moving him out of lineup. Last week’s configuration needs to stay the rest of the way!