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  1. axman40

    Week 15 - Punched by the Tacks?

    I predict that I will be drinking heavily on Sunday! :fans::fans::fans::fans:
  2. axman40

    Game 4...Prove It...Carolina Panthers!

    See you in section 137 today! Go Texans ! :fans::fans::fans::fans:
  3. axman40

    **Official Game-Day Thread** Giants at Texans, Sunday Sept 23, 2018!!

    Let's Go TEXANS! :fans::fans::fans::fans::fans:
  4. axman40

    *Official Game-Day Thread** Texans at Titans Game 2, Sunday Sept 16, 2018!!

    Let's Go TEXANS! :fans::fans::fans::fans:
  5. axman40

    **Official Game-Day Thread** Texans at Patriots Game 1, Sunday Sept 9, 2018!!

    GAME DAY LET"S GO! :fans::fans::fans::fans:
  6. axman40

    **Official Game-Day Thread** Jags at Texans, Sunday Sep 10, 2017!!

    LETS GO TEXANS!!!! :fans::fans::fans:
  7. axman40

    **Official Divisional Round Playoff Game-Day Thread** Texans at Patriots, Saturday Jan 14, 2017!!

    Time to Shock the world ! Texans 24 Pats 21! :fans::fans::fans::fans:
  8. axman40

    **Official Game-Day Thread** Chiefs at Texans - Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016!!

    Cover the Tight End ,win the GAME! :fans::fans::fans:
  9. axman40

    Week 2...The Test...Kansas City Chiefs!!!

    Cover Kelce!
  10. axman40

    **Official Game-Day Thread** Bears at Texans!!

    Beat Da Bears!
  11. axman40

    The Official Half Assed Chiefs @ Texans Wildcard Playoffs Gameday Thread

    I like our chances ! GO TEXANS! :fans::fans::fans:
  12. axman40

    Arian Foster reported to have serious groin injury

    Defense will have to be on lock down every week!
  13. axman40

    Brian hoyer to sign with Texans

    Danny White took over from Staubach. Staubach was a co starter with Craig Morton. :tiphat:
  14. axman40

    NFL 2015 Divisional Games

    Take a seat Brock! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOgMW4342NM :kitten:
  15. axman40

    NFL 2015 Divisional Games

    1st game was all about the offense, will the late game be about the defense?