Yahoo Draft guy John Murphy on SR610 this morning

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by nunusguy, Apr 17, 2007.

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    He's a regular Yahoo NFL Draft guru formerly based in NOLA who got washed out by Katrina and then moved over here. Anyway he was on SR610 this morning during John McClains 10-11 slot. I could have listented to the guy all day long, he really seemed to be informed. Very knowledgeable & entertaining.
    Some things he said of interest:
    (1) He thinks its possible that Peterson or Landry could fall our way. He says this Draft will have some surprises in the top 10, implying there might be player(s) on the Board at #10 we weren't expecting ?
    (2) Joe Thomas is not as widely acclaimed within the NFL ranks as all the mocks think, and many would prefer a Joe Staley later in the 20s than a Joe Thomas as a top 5 investment.
    (3) Levi Brown's downside is being a solid RT if he doesn't cut the mustard at LT, and therefor would be a good bet for the Texans with their 1st rounder. Makes sense, even though still dunno if Brown's a fit for Kubiaks system ?
    (4) The Draft is so deep in WRs, that the Texans should be able to find a pretty good one in the 3rd round.
    (5) Texans like a safety at WakeForest, Josh Gattis.
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    1. If Peterson is there i hope they field trade offers for a good bit and see if we can get an additional third rounder this year. Considering our RB situation right now i think that's the best value there. Still hoping we go LT with the pick.

    2. Interesting Joe Thomas Comment. I still think he's the top one taken by Arizona though.

    3. I don't get how a bigger guy like Spencer is good for the system but a guy that's lighter and an inch taller isn't a good fit. Doesn't make sense at all.

    4. Agreed but wondering if that's our selection in the 3rd though.

    5. Some reason Gattis is a guy that reminds me of Kerry Rhodes. Quiet guy who won't make a lot of noise but players in the league know him and he's solid.
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    Size only matters in how it dictates speed and quickness. Spencer was known for his agility and quick feet.
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    Then maybe Joe Thomas is smart to skip NYC and go fishing with his dad.

    In a mock draft on another MB, I took WR Craig Davis for the Texans in the 3rd after a bunch of other WRs were already taken. I don't see that happening in the real draft, but I could see taking WR in the third.

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