Winning heals all pain

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by dgar3752, Mar 22, 2007.

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    I am still on the fence on if we paid to high of a price for Shaub. But here are some reasons to be optimistic about the deal.

    1. We were 2-3 plays away from being 8-8 with a young defense and a very poor offense. Shaub has got to be better than Carr right off the bat. He sat the bench for the years learning and absorbing the game. He does not have a laser rocket arm but from what Ive researched he makes up for it with accuracy and leadership. He will win us more games then Carr ever did.

    2. Our offense has a totally new look this year. Green=better than anyone of the backs we had last year. Dayne=will come back lighter and motivated to the point where he will break down teams as the game goes on.

    3. This is the year that our oline drastically improves. Did anyone ever think that our line just didnt have it in them to block for Carr anymore. I mean, we all saw how Sage did when he came in. Im not saying that they have been tanking but I have a strong feeling that the pressure that came from Carrs faults (no pocket presense, Fumbles and no check down skills) led to them just not having that " protect at all costs mentality. " Having Black will allow us to shuffle our line so that we can finally find the right mix.

    4. Regardless if it was the #8 or #10. Fact is we are still in the top 10. If Ricky pulls off a trade down(cross Fingers) then we in essence have lost nothing. We desperatley need a FS and this draft is full of them. Nelson,Griffin,Weddle,Meriweather are all legit. If we trade down and trade Carr for atleast a 3rd, then we will be sitting pretty.

    1. FS Nelson,Griffin,Weddle,Meriweather
    2. CB Hughes,Macauley,Wright,Irons
    3. WR Allison,Davis,Hill,Higgens,Williams,Baker
    3.(for Carr) DT McBean,McDonald,Thomas
    4. Oline Satele,Marten,Young,Datish,Yanda,Harris
    5. BPA Free,Soliai,McKnight,Brown,Robinson
    6. ST Sepulveda,Medlock
    7. BPA

    I realize that most dont know who these people are but it just shows that alot of positive things can happen
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    Yep. :)

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