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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Texan in Japan, Apr 25, 2006.

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    You know my problem is I fall in love with too many players! I like Bush & Young...when it comes down to it, I really would love to see Mario, Hawk or Huff on our defense. To top that off, Vern Davis would be a perfect compliment to AJ/Moulds. Heck, D'Brick would fill our biggest need.

    However, when it's all said and done, our team will only get one of these guys.

    If I had a choice of only one, it would be Bush.

    Two...Bush & Mario

    Three...Bush, Mario & Hawk

    Four...Bush, Mario, Hawk & VDavis

    Of all these guys, I think the four mentioned above will be the biggest difference makers for their teams early on. I also believe they'll make a difference in that order of magnitude.

    Bush has RoY written all over him. Mario should be a sack beast. Hawk is an everydown stud. VD will explode if the QB can get him the ball.

    Vince will be a development project for 1-2 years. Oh, he can come in and play in several formations to shake up the D, but he'll need time to develop in a new offensive scheme and adapt to the multiple defensive formations that he'll have to figure out.

    D'Brick will have to deal w/ the torture of being a rookie LT. Whether he'll be able to maintain weight and run block well will be key.

    Huff is a very talented tweener and hopefully the team that get's him has a plan to develop him in one position (at least the 1st year).

    So when it's all said and done, I'd be very happy with any of these stars, but from one fan's perspective I hope we get one of my top 4.

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