which o-lineman?

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by keyfro, Apr 4, 2006.

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    at the top of round 2 i beleive we are going to pick a offensive lineman...i also beleive the pick will be between jonathan scott or davin joseph...neither one of these players will be there when we pick in round 3...if we select scott he will potentially be our starter at RT this season on...if we select davin joseph he will be the starter at RG moving weigert to RT and giving us that line-up probably for 2 seasons...with that said which of the two do ya'll beleive would give us the best line...joseph or scott

    i can't choose because i like both players and see the upside on both...however i will say this...after their pro day workouts is that scott only did 17 reps of 225lbs and joseph i can't find any stats on him in regards to his bench...if anyone can find that info please share
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    I would hope for Winston in the second. Some draft services say Scott will drop to early 3rd because he is a bit soft and lazy. Would love if that happened. Joseph is a great player, like that Spencer kid to. Very raw, very talented and runs a 40 very well for his size. Setterstrom and Eslinger from U of Minnesota are nice players also, smallish, but fit into a zone blocking scheme very well.
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    its pretty much clear as of now that Jonathan Scott or Davin Joseph would not be bpa available 1st pick of the 2nd rd. If one of these db's slip- Ashton Youboty or Johnathan Joseph they would be considered bpa & fill a critical need. I like Scott or Davin in the 3rd. :cool:
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    between davin joseph and scott- its no decision for me- you have to go with joseph, hes perfect for zone blocking but #33 is too high for him..see if he falls to #65-unlikely. id prefer winston at 33 or 1 of the dbs...we can always get somebody like matua or colledge in the 3rd

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