What do expect from Carr: A Plummer comparison

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  1. So what should the expectations be for David Carr this season? We are going to be using the same type of system that Kubiak has run in Denver that last few seasons, so the closest comparison to Carr in this type of system is Jake Plummer. Plummer arrived at Denver coming from the Arizona Cardinals and a record of 5-11. Before coming to Denver, Plummer was tossing around a mid 50's completion percentage, but when he was installed into Denver's system, he upped his percentage points a few notches. Assuming that Carr is close in the level of play to Plummer, here is what we should expect this coming season. (I actually think Plummer is better, but this is at least a measuring stick to go by). Carr threw 60.5% last year. Plummers last year with the Cardinals he threw 53.6% and the next year he threw 62.6% in Denver system. I would think that Carr should be at that spot by the end of the year. In the process, Plummer reduced his TD/INT ratio dramatically. Carr never really had a bad TD/INT ratio, but his TD numbers have always been average. Look for this to increase as well this year. Plummer threw 15 TD's and 7 INT's in 11 games his 1st season with the Denver offense, thats almost 22 TD's and 10 INT's if you progressed the whole 16 games season. For Carr being a veteran, I'd expect numbers to about this range, although the Denver team was 9-7 the previous year before Plummer got there, so I don't expect Carr and this team to be better than what Plummer's numbers were. I expect Carr to have around 20 TD's and around 13 INT's. Just food for thought.
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    I expect him to do a hell of a lot better, that's what! I don't think (hope) that the new coach will let him be a pretty boy and not take responsibility for his actions. He either performs or he goes to backup. I do expect him to get better over the first few games. :whip:
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    If you go to the Broncos' message board there are a lot of Plummer haters. Some fans didn't like the fact that he joined the Broncos and now that Jay Cutler is on the team they really want to see him benched. This is ridiculous considering Plummer lead them to the playoffs last year.

    I think your comparison is good, but Carr might take a bit longer since he was on a much worse team and poorly coached longer. I suspect that he will have number much like Jake, and continue to be hated by a minority of people.
  4. Ah so you want a Payton Manning QB that throws lights out stats. Wanna know what the QB did for last years Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers:

    62.7% completion percentage, 2385 passing yards, 17 TD's and 9 INTS.

    Very reachable numbers by David Carr this year, but take note, it's a team game and we had much more to work on than the QB positions over the off season.
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    Don't confuse the issue with comon sense SES.
  6. The QB position of late has been overshadowing the fact that there are other areas on this team that needed improvement. We had the worst defense last year and quietly they are putting together a nice defensive package, but yet we hear more about the backup QB than this. The running game has been fantastic this preseason, but we hear more about what David Carr favorite popsicle color is thant the effort of the running game. Trust me, when the colder months come, there are other factors on this team that make it more of a success than the QB position. But hey, call me crazy.
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    Your post kinda answers its own assertion about fans and the QB, as virtually every facet of the team look/did/performed better than last year, except for our starting QB.

    Fans are buying into Kubiak's belief that 'as Carr goes, the team goes,' which means Carr's pre-season results are not exactly 'encouraging.'
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    who do you want??

    JakePlummer?? or Carson Palmer??

    you can go get your self a gun shy, deer in the headlight, footstep hearing guy that you might be able to make into a decent QB........ maybe an all pro.

    Or you can tak the raw meat, and mold yourself a champion.

    Personally I'd like to start from scratch, and not have to worry about unteaching things before I can begin to teach.

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