Week 9: Other Games Thread

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Ryan, Nov 8, 2009.

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    who we need to win is in bold.

    BAL @ CIN-I'm not too sure on this one. i'm gonna say Baltimore because they are behind at the moment.
    MIA @ NE -New England can start running away with their division, and Miami is still in the WC hunt. And if NE has their division wrapped up early, it would help our chances week 17.
    KC @ JAC-Easy decision.
    ARI @ CHI-doesn't matter. I don't like the Cardinals though so i'll go with Da Bears.
    WAS @ ATL-once again doesn't matter.
    GB @ TB-doesn't matter.
    CAR @ NO-doesn't matter, although i like the Saints.
    DET @ SEA-^
    TEN @ SF-it's the Titans, and one loss basically eliminates them from running the table and having a chance at playoffs.
    SD @ NYG-NFC over AFC obviously, and the Chargers are a legitimate WC threat.
    DAL @ PHI -Easy decision.
    PIT @ DEN-Denver has a decent lead in their division right now, the Steelers are fighting in theirs, and could beat us for that WC spot if they can't seem to get the division.

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