Weaver Blog Entry 5/29: Exciting times at Reliant Stadium

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Kaiser Toro, Jun 4, 2007.

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    Even though I’m watching the OTA’s from the sidelines, I can’t help but get excited. Right now, the d-linemen, they approach the field with a purpose, and I think it’s a credit to our defensive line coach, Jethro Franklin. He gets those boys out there and they’re working hard. I love what I’m seeing.

    Sometimes it’s tough to watch from the sidelines. I throw in my two cents here and there when I’m watching the workouts, but I want to let Jethro do the coaching. I don’t want to say anything to step on his toes. If he asks me to give my opinion, I will. But right now, all of the guys are working hard and they’re doing great out there, so I just try to encourage them and let them know that I’m with them and I wish I could be out there.

    Of course, Jethro isn’t alone coaching the d-line. Frank Bush, the senior defensive assistant, also is pretty hands-on. Jethro and Frank work well together, almost like a tag team. Sometimes it comes off a little bit as good cop-bad cop. Jethro is a screamer, and he’s going to get the most out of you. And sometimes Frank comes in and he gives you the same message in a different tone, and I think that works. I think it’s going to work wonders for us.

    Coaches that are yellers don’t bother me at all. If you can’t take someone yelling at you, you would never have made it this far. And the underlying factor is that coaches are trying to make you better. They’re not yelling at you just to dog-cuss you or get you down. They want to make you a better football player, and I think as long as you understand that, you won’t have a problem. So far, I think everyone has responded well.

    Aside from the coaches, I think that the addition of a veteran like Jeff Zgonina is really going to help out the d-line. Jeff is so big and chiseled that he looks like a G.I. Joe character. The thing about Jeff is that he’s spent 15 years in the league, but he still runs like he’s a rookie. Guys see that and they realize why this guy has played 15 years. Because all he does when he hits that field is work. Our young guys can feed off that and hopefully can use that and see that that’s what they have to do to be successful in this league.

    I know I’m paying attention.

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    Cool read! Thanks for the heads up. :thumbup

    I know the naysayers will no doubt call me out about my blind optimism, but I really like what we're hearing from the players and coaches this year. To be sure, we hear good quotes everytime this time of year...but this year feels different. There is nothing about 'having fun' in the quotes, and everything about taking care of business and being good enough as a team to make the playoffs.

    I won't sit hear and say "this will happen or that will happen", because the future is as uncertain for me as it is for anyone. But after five futile seasons, I do feel that through my blind optimism, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. And that would be a ray of hope.

    LOUD, PROUD, & TEXAN :texflag:
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    I'm very upbeat about the defense. They did well for stretches last season and have seemingly improved both personnel and coaching. I think they will be the stronger unit for the Texans.
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    Same here. It sounds like Franklin and Bush are very well respected already and aren't taking any bull. We might look back on this offseason and see these two coaches as our best additions to the team.
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    I can't help but feel optimistic myself. There is still that little voice in the back of my head that has concerns. Guys like Babin, and TJ bring it out in me, and until I see improvement by both of those guys, I can't help but feel slightly negative. I'll take the same approach I did last year, when I told Grid, I'll be the first off the DC bandwagon if Kubiak can't turn him around. The same will apply to my feelings about both Babin and TJ, if these two defensive coaches can't turn them around, well, they can't be turned around. But reading Weavers words (and I respect this guy), makes me wish tomorrow was opening day :)
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    Very nice to hear and cant wait till...preseason lol.

    But I think it is improtant to have those chisled vets in there. They really bring the best out of rooks.

    You can picture a guy like Green and Zgonia working their tails off EVERY play because they want to accomplish something AS A TEAM. A lot of rookies are going to work hard if that guy next to him is working hard.

    Vets are not going to give up just because they are down 14 at the end of the 3rd qtr. That is what happened to our young teams in the past, once those guys got down 14, that was it.

    I think a great example of what veteran leadership can do is when Gleen and Sharper left...our team plain sucked. But last year, we picked up a few vets, we saw a difference in the effort our team showed. The emotion shown.

    I just want a good start for us, no 0-4 start, at least a 2-2 start...at least. If we go down 0-4 all hope is lost for me l

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