Vick to the Raiders for Moss, Porter and #1 overall pick??

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Toro, Jan 22, 2007.

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    The Raiders are preparing to make a run at Michael Vick, according to NFL sources. The Raiders package would include receivers Randy Moss and Jerry Porter plus the No.1 overall pick in the 2007 draft for Vick and the Falcons first round pick (10th overall).


    Talk about an interesting trade for both sides. It's obvious that both Moss and Porter need a change of scenery, and at this point I think that also may be the case for Vick.

    I'm not quite sure I understand this one on Oakland's side. Obviously, Moss and Porter need to go. I also see where they may be looking for a QB, and God Knows Old Man Al loves those athletic QBs, but Vick? Maybe he thinks Vick can help the Raiders sagging attendance, however for his price tag combined with his off the field troubles, they might be better off sticking with Walter. Sure, Vick's an upgrade over Aaron Brooks, but then again at this point, one of us would be considered an upgrade.

    Then to throw the first pick in the draft? I've mentioned that the Raiders are going to need WRs, and desperately need playmakers on offense, so to trade down when Calvin Johnson's never going to make it to 10 makes little sense. Who knows, perhaps maybe they're looking to trade down so they can take Jarrett in hopes that one of those USC coordinators will take the job LOL.

    I put this in here, even though it involved draft picks, because of the magnititude of the possible deal. Sorry if it was supposed to be over there!
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    Interesting...I think it'd be funny that if Vick leaves Atlanta, that's when they finally get some recievers. I don't like Vick, so I hope he ends up with the Raiders.
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    If that woul dhappen, Oakland would have overpaid for Vick in my opinion. Moss is still a very good receiver and is Porter, they just wanted out. Sure, they have attitudes, but those 2 AND the #1 pick for Vick and a #10.

    No way I would do that if I was Oakland.
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    Why would a new coach coming into the NFL want Porter or Moss when Arthur Blank(Owner of Falcons) wouldnt trade for Moss before because he said he didnt want him on his team ??

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