UT Coaches to Get Big Pay Raises

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by axman40, Aug 6, 2005.

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    Texas football coach Mack Brown, basketball coach Rick Barnes and baseball coach Augie Garrido all in line for raises to be approved next week.

    The new contracts are on next week's university board of regents meetings scheduled Wednesday and Thursday in Galveston. All are expected to be approved.
    Memo to Mack , Beat OU and earn that raise!
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    Personally I think Mack Brown is overpaid. People might complain about that statement,but if it weren't for Vince Young playing man among boys in the Rose bowl.. Brown still would be looking for a quality win. Voting on the BCS getting UT into the game over California...well I felt if UT didn't make BCS and went to the holliday bowl instead(what would that have been 3 our of 4 years if that scenario fell through)..Mack would have been gone because you don't pay a coach 2 million a year to go to a 500,000 holiday bowl. JMO

    I like Mack Brown. He is a great guy and a great recruiter, but as a head coach ,his coaching record isn't too good against top 10 teams and that is where it is at. esp for a guy making over 2 million a year. Maybe it is unjust for me to compare Mack, but living in Austin and seeing how well the other UT sports programs do, I felt Mack was overpaid.. Now Garrido.. he has earned his paycheck (yet I am still confused on the whole incedent of poor sportsmanship following 2 years ago UT's loss in the CWS and not shaking hands or whatever it was)

    Axman said it best.. Beat STOOPS..

    Joke that went around at Dell when I worked there is how do you scare Mack Brown at halloween? put a Stoops mask on ... How do you scare Stoops? (at the time) put a RC Slocuum mask on.
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    This is a year in which UT letgitamilty has a cance for the Natl Championship. Rememeber, if they win all their games, the worst they will likely go is number 2 in the polls and spot in the Natl Champ game. However, this also puts alot of pressure on mack brown. This might be UT's best oppertunity for a Natl championship for a while. If Mack blows it, he might be blown out of town.
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    Out yonder way...
    Terrell Owens should've hired Mack's agent.

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