"Us and the Titans as well as other teams"

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Imatexanfan, Dec 3, 2007.

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    Look if you see no hope in the good things they are doing in an effort to become a better team in time then why are you even on here voicing your opinion. I am pissed and frustrated too as a fan because I know 2 or 3 plays in most games is the difference between winning and losing. We just seem to continue making the 2 or 3 bad plays and not the good ones. My beef is that as a fan I would support Kubiak coming on TV saying Jones screwed up he will not play next week, as well Salaam. He needs to get on here and tell everyone its a joke for Johnson to drop a wide open 5 yard pass across the middle wide open or for that matter all of the false starts. We just simply can't over-come bad plays. :bat:

    The players should be held accountable until they prove themselves and not too many players have proven themselves on this team. Free agents will come to Houston if they see the coaching staff getting their act together and stop getting after these dead beat players. I can only wish that the players and coaches are 1/2 as upset as most of the fans are getting. Now to the game, the Texans opened huge holes early and often. Dayne should have easily ran for over 100 yards. :cowboy1:

    If we would not have made a couple of dumb penalties we would have had them down early and still running the ball. Tennessee has a really good defense that is how they win most of their games. They need Vince to simply not loose the game and make 1 or 2 good plays. Thats their game plan. Kubiak knows we are vunerable in pass protection and for him to not game plan around our own weakness is rudiculous. We had no business throwing the ball down the field like the Patriots unless you kept everyone in to block except Johnson. I am shocked we didnt loose both QB's in this game. The funny thing is everytime we play the Titans its the same. We do nothing to protect our QB against their front line and thats their best players, whats the deal?! VY is loving this, hilarious to an extent.:shades:

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