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    1. San Francisco- Alex Smith QB- Smart, Athletic, and Young. There is not much difference between Aaron Rogers and Alex, but the heads up goes to Alex due to intelligence. Nothing beats a cerebral Quarterback.
    2. Miami- Ronnie Brown RB- Established himself as the best back in the draft and deserves this pick.
    3. Cleveland-Antrel Rolle CB- Cleveland needs another good big corner to run Romeo’s system. They already have young athletic linebackers.
    4. Chicago- Cedric Benson RB- Da Bears make a move and get a long-term running back that will compliment Thomas Jones. They should take a Wideout or linebacker but they are not that bright.
    5. Tampa Bay- Carnell Williams RB- Gruden gets himself a new CADDY to hold down his backfield for years
    6. Tennessee- Braylon Edwards WR- They lost Mason but get a young upgrade in Edwards. Calico and Edwards are a dangerous duo for years to come. Look for Tennessee to try and get back into the first round to grab a corner
    7. Minnesota-Mike Williams WR- Culpepper gets his red-zone threat. They will make this pick regardless if they trade for Gardner or get Plaxico
    8. Arizona- Aaron Rogers QB- A great pick up at eight and a nice replacement for Warner in a couple of years.
    9. Washington- trade with Texans- Derrick Johnson LB- Texans get rid of Foreman and Sharper in order to get the best defensive playmaker in the draft.
    10. Detroit- Dan Cody DE- Cory Redding is not the answer so they get a good pass rusher to go opposite breakout star James Hall. They will grab Kevin Everett TE in the later rounds
    11. Dallas- Shawn Merrimen OLB/DE- Dallas gets a great playmaker and an automatic starter for the switch to 3-4.
    12. San Diego- Marcus Spears DE- Chargers get stronger along their D-Line by getting a prototype 3-4 end that will cause pressure.
    13. Houston- trade with Washington- Adam Jones CB- Washington gets some extra picks and a linebacker it needed in the trade with Houston and then they pick up a nice replacement for Smoot.
    14. Carolina- Alex Barron OL- This pick allows them to move Wahle inside to guard where he is sensational and gives them two book ends at the tackle positions.
    15. Kansas City- Carlos Rogers CB- If they are smart they will get Ty Law and Carlos Rogers will make a nice nickel and mid-year starter.
    16. New Orleans-Demarcus Ware OLB- A pick many will question but he is an awesome pass-rusher with the size and speed to be a prototype OLB in any system.
    17. Cincinnati- Travis Johnson DT- Marvin Lewis needs some inside push on his D-Line and he gets quite possibly the best D tackle.
    18. Minnesota- Thomas Davis S- They may get one in free-agency but Davis is the long-term answer in the defensive back field. He is a fast Marvin Harrison with better coverage skills
    19. St. Louis- Khalif Barnes OT- Rams need to go defense, but lets face it they are an offensive team, Turley is done and will not be back with the team so they get his replacement in Barnes who is known for his pass blocking
    20. Dallas- Roddy White WR- The Boys get the next best wide receiver in the draft he is also a deep threat
    21. Jacksonville- Justin Miller CB- Jacksonville got their pass rusher in Hayward who will have a Bertrand Berry type season in Florida, now they get a nice corner to further help that secondary. Could also go Brodney Pool if they ship off Darius
    22. Baltimore- Troy Williamson WR- A deep threat to take pressure off of Mason, the only problem is who will throw it to him, It is a shame that Anthony Wright is the best QB on that team
    23. Seattle- Matt Roth DE- Hawks get a great pass rusher who is a stand up guy and in a pinch could also play OLB in 3-4 sets. They will need to go linebacker in the later rounds
    24. Green Bay- David Pollack DE- Packers have a lot of needs on D, but with Jim Bates coming in they need a relentless pass rusher on the other side of KGB. Another possible landing spot for Brodney Pool
    25. Denver- Shaun Cody DL- Broncs get a versatile D-lineman who put up numbers at a premiere program. I mean someone on this team has to be able to rush the passer, since they love shipping off all the guys who actually can
    26. NY Jets- Trade first rounder to Titans for extra picks- Fabian Washington CB- Titans get back into the first round and grab a big time corner in Washington. The kid is Deon fast and can tackle a big time pick up for the Titans
    27. Atlanta- Brodney Pool S- Hotlanta needs a free safety bad and they get a very good one in Pool. They could go linebacker here and move Beasley to FS if need be but I doubt it with Webster’s inconsistency
    28. San Diego- Mark Clayton WR- San Diego grabs the best after catch play making receiver in the draft and boy will it help whoever is under center
    29. Indianapolis- Marlin Jackson CB-Is anyone surprised that the Colts get a corner? They take the best corner available and it happens to be a good one in Jackson who will be an immediate starter
    30. Pittsburgh- Heath Miller TE- Big Ben needs someone to take the pressure off and he gets the best TE in the draft. This kid is really good just watch the game tape on him
    31. Philadelphia- Channing Crowder LB- The eagles get some great depth at linebacker and likely a mid-year starter the way their linebacking crew played last year and Crowder has the size to be a Burress type end if Douglas does not work out
    32. New England- Jamal Brown- Patriots will definitely look to trade out of this spot, but if not they will grab a great O-Lineman that can play guard or tackle
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    So the Texans trade Foreman, Sharper and our #1 pick for DJ. Then how many ILBs do we have, just DJ and Greenwood. I like the fact that we get DJ, but hopefully we can keep one of the other ILBs.

    Oh and I dont think that you would draft Cedric Benson to compliment anyone, hes a workhorse feature back he wont compliment Thomas I think that if they decided to draft one of the top RBs then Thomas would probably be traded.
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    I like it overall :thumbup

    items of note:

    1. I'm not convinced that Alex Smith would be the best fit in a system that is retooling from scratch. I still think that a well balanced & experienced unit like Ben Rothelisberger fell into Pittsburgh last year as a more ideal situation for him. the Packers on the otherhand would be the perfect situation, but of course the Packers also need defense.

    2. Is Ronnie Brown the best RB & best fit in Miami? I know Cedric really hurt himself by not competing at the combine where Ronnie & Cadillac excelled but does that justify casting off an entire body of work at Texas where the numbers clearly support the Longhorn as the consensus #1?

    3. Cleveland needs a young franchise QB & would take Rodgers in a heartbeat.

    4. Chicago would love to have Cedric.

    5. Tampa- Cadillac Williams or Braylon Edwards.

    6. Titans need to protect McNAir should take Alex Barron OT, might be tempted to take Derrick Johnson or trade down (they have a lot of bodies to fill).

    7. Minnesota and Mike Williams is a perfect fit.

    8. Denny Green would take Rodgers if he where still available.

    9. Gibbs & Casserly together again :heh:

    10. Too high for Cody here. too many questions from a medical standpoint especially with Merriman still available.

    11. Marcus Spears or Adam Pac Man Jones

    12. Chargers grab the speedster Troy Williams.

    13. Washington & Pac if he is still there....... magic.

    14. Carolina Jammal Brown (Barron will not last).

    15. KC Rogers

    16. Great pick here, I love this kid DeMarcus Ware. He would even be a great pick for Houston at #13 but I think our OLB's are set with Peek & Babin.

    the rest all looks really good to me, I expect more trades but I like your overall draft board rankings, good job, hope my criticism is constructive.
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    I have a feeling with that the Texans are very interested in Shawne Merriman. He played outside and inside at Maryland, and he would be a very nice fit for us. Since the Texans are looking to trade or release both Sharper and Foreman, I think the Texans will draft a linebacker with their first pick. And I like Shawne Merriman after D.J.
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    Good point. I wouldnt be the least surprised to see us get Shawne at #13, for OLB. Even though we might need an ILB.

    babin / Sharper / Wong / Merriman

    I would love to see that.
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    I don't think that Fabian Washington goes in the first round, he has to many question marks.
  7. beerlover

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    this in from Oklahoma Pro Day in regards to Cody-

    The defensive ends in this draft haven't helped themselves. Cody was thought to have a shot at being a top-10 pick, but he didn't blow anybody away at the Sooners' pro day.

    Cody skipped the workouts at the combine, and it was thought he would run in the late 4.6s in his pro-day 40. Instead, Cody ran in the mid-to-late 4.7s. Though he's still a first-round pick, he probably slid a bit.

    Cody's slightly disappointing showing comes on the heels of Wisconsin's Erasmus James, who ran in the low 4.8s in the 40 at the combine and probably pushed himself from the top 10 down to the middle portion of the first round or beyond. Georgia's David Pollack and Iowa's Matt Roth also posted slow combine times – 4.75 and 4.81, respectively
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    These guys who passed up running 40s on what was probably a very fast
    Indy carpet and instead elected to run on slower natural grass in their
    college Pro Day got some bad advice from somebody. They should have run
    in Indy and stood on the times if they were good (as many have). But anyway, the importance of 40 times for DE/LBs should be dubious by now, given the lousy times turned in by Terrel Suggs when he came out a couple years ago - he's playin like a champ in the NFL and certainly has justified
    the Ravens' decision to use a high pick for him.

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