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Discussion in 'Texan Tailgate' started by FirstTexansFan, Sep 29, 2008.

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    Ok, I've reached the ultimate level of geekdom! Due to circumstances beyond my control, my wife and I had to drive from our home in New Braunfels, Texas, to East Liverpool, Ohio (where I'm now making this posting from a hotel room). Recently, I built a multimedia PC for my entertainment system, and have tinkered around with several pieces of software. One that I found, and have mentioned in other postings, is ORB. What it allows you to do, is stream any multimedia (pics, video, music, even data) through their website. So today, as we're driving up I75 just north of Louisville, Kentucky, I have my wife take her Blackberry, and hook it up to the laptop as a modem. Then we pull up the orb website, login, and watch on Channel 5 out of San Antonio, the Texans vs. Jaguars game. Now I wasn't happy with what I saw, but still, the ability to watch the game while in Cruise Control brings a whole new meaning to FANatic :) I'd be glad to share what I've learned with anyone interested in becoming a full fledge Texans Fan Geek.
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    Dude, that is freaking awesome. Technology rocks! Sorry you had to travel to the armpit of America by the way.

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