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    Hi all,

    As some of you already know, I spend some of my spare time writing for a UK based 'American' Football website, we're currently looking to extend our readership and I hope that a lot of you get time to take a look at what we're doing over here and how big the game is here with a lot of people.

    As you also may have seen, I was lucky enough to speak with the great Roger Craig a little while back and I our exclusive interview with him can be seen here:

    But here is a little about us:

    An Introduction
    Welcome to Football Diner
    Football Diner is your primary UK source for Pro Football information, analysis, insight and humour. We deliver opinion, features, fantasy football advice, rankings, and also the occasional pizza, just to make sure we don't default on the credit card payments. Office chairs that also massage don't pay for themselves you know.

    Check out Football Diner for:
    - Analysis of the weekend's NFL games
    - Weekly predictions
    - Fantasy football columns and rankings
    - A free weekly e-mail newsletter
    - Features and opinion from knowledgeable, committed writers based in the UK
    - Interviews with movers and shakers in the UK Football scene

    But don't believe us: peruse the menu, have a look around, and chow down as much as you can, as often as you like.

    Get involved: be part of the UK Football scene with us.

    The Staff at Football Diner

    I'd really appreciate your feedback, it does mean a lot to us.


    Brian Davis

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