Two agents led from combine in cuffs

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    Multiple outlets are reporting that a big-name player-agent -- or two of them -- was escorted from the NFL combine Friday in handcuffs after he (or they) illegally watched the workouts with passes not meant for them.

    According to the National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson, the agents refused to leave the restricted area at Lucas Oil Stadium and eventually police had to lead them out.

    Apparently, the agents obtained the passes from a sponsor employee, and after that employee was discovered, that person was sent home by the employer.

    At this time, there is no police report of the alleged incident.

    Pro Football Talk spoke to one of the alleged agents and the NFL, and both parties denied that the incident had occurred.

    Until we get names and acknowledgments, this could end in one of two ways. Either it’s true and rival agents (most likely) will be extremely pissed at the flaunting of the rules that most of them follow, or it’s false and somebody is spreading malicious rumors.

    And it’s like Pete Prisco wrote Friday after four of the most powerful agents in the game stood together at the NFLPA meeting to show how they were all in the labor fight together. So much for unity, eh?

    Like Prisco wrote, “Those guys would stab each other in the back in a minute.”

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