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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Xman, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Why don't we look at a few of the team's needs and strengths along with draft position to see what we could do that benefits us.

    AZ jumps out at me this year. They have an extra 3rd rounder and a WR to spare (Johnson, #17 pick overall in 2003 but is their 3rd guy behind superstuds boldin and fitz)

    AZ team needs: DT, FS, MLB, CB, TE, OL, RB, QB
    Apparently DT, TE and FS are basically empty positions.
    MLB and CB2 are weak.
    The OL is in turmoil like ours except they have 2 keepers.
    RB, Arrington is there but he didn't do much last year.
    QB, Warner is ancient and McCown appears to be on the outs.

    Draft picks:
    1 - 8 (8)
    2 -12 (44)
    3 -11 (75)
    3 -31 (95) from New England
    4 -10 (111)
    5 -32 (168) from New England
    7 -12 (226)

    What could we get if traded down to #8?
    Projected top 3: Leinert/VY/Bush
    Next 3: Ferguson/Hawk/MWilliams
    At 7, ?
    So, at 8; maybe CB JWilliams, DT Haloti Ngata, OT Winston

    According to the point chart, the #1 pick is ranked at 3000 points (and many say it is worth more this year) and #8 is worth 1400 points.

    Players they have we would pay for:
    CB Rolle, OG LDavis, WRs Fitz/Bolden/Johnson, DE Okeafor/ASmith, DT DDockett, LB Dansby/Huff, SS AWilson,
    Out of these, I love Rolle (ignoring Fitz and Bolden because they are not going anywhere). Dansby and LDavis would be sweet also.


    If we traded down what could we get?
    Trading down from 1 to 8 would mean that we get all their draft picks this year and their top 3 from next year, or they throw in a player of high value. I doubt they do either because of the high cost. But, if Green decided his qb of the future was there, I would give it to him in a minute for #8, Johnson and either Rolle or LDavis and Dansby.
    But, if we trade down to 3-6 range, they may give up lower or future picks to move up a few slots.

    What else can we trade to them for something (in other words, what can we offer to fill their holes)?
    Going with the "one man's trash could be another's treasure" evaluation:
    I think this would be a good option for them.
    Not much value here, but it could fill their hole for 1 year so it has a little value
    MLB=Greenwood (or Evans),
    The cap hit we would take probably more than offsets the trade value on this guy.
    They need a 2nd CB.
    Not much value here, but they need somebody.
    A change of scenery may refresh them, and if not, at least they could cut them.
    RB=Hollings/DD. I doub they want Hollings and again we take a large cap hit to trade DD. But, DD would be VERY interesting to Coach Green. So, something might be done there.

    We would take cap hits on a few of these guys. But, I would consider a "Herschel" deal to get a few of their picks.
    Payne/Robaire/Buchy/McKinney/Coleman for #44.

    Or, we could do something along these lines:
    trade #66 + (?, McKinney, Coleman and Robaire?) for #44 and Johnson.
    DD for Johnson

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    The only players I would trade for on their team would be A wilson, Fitz, Bolden, Rolle.
  3. Xman

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    Whoops - AZ has pick 10. I pulled last year's picks by mistake.
  4. Samer

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    Dec 6, 2005
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    I think we should trade them for their #10 pick, Wilson, Rolle, Davis, and next years 3rd round pick. Only if they would do it, would fill a few gaps
  5. MorKnolle

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    Obviously Fitzgerald or Boldin would be nice but I don't see any way they'd give them up. Their OLine is terrible and Leonard Davis is playing out of position at LT, so we might be able to grab him in a trade, although I think they will be trying to build their OLine rather than sending off their only good player, and assuming we stay in a zone blocking scheme I don't know if Davis is a perfect match, but he is a huge run blocker that would be great at RG. Adrian Wilson would also be a real nice pickup, but again I don't know if they'd make that trade. If they decide they want to trade up and grab Bush or one of the QBs, I could see them swapping 1sts, giving us this year's 2nd, next year's 1st and 3rd, and either Leonard Davis or Adrian Wilson. As much as I'd love to see Davis anchoring our RG spot, I'm not sure how well he'd fit in zone blocking due to his immense size, although as a huge mauling RG he might be able to work anyways, but I'd probably prefer to grab Adrian Wilson of the two as a nice S that has the athleticism to cover people but who will lay some nice hits as well.

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