Top Ten Houston Sports Moments of 2008

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Wolf, Dec 20, 2008.

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    I didn't know where to put this thread (sorry mods)
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    kind of gets me thinking about the top ten Houston Texans moments of 2008...

    thus far and forgive me for being sappy but this year will be defined by these little moments that show something that championship teams have... Heart

    #12 Kubiak get's a new podium microphone: This was a big one for me. We don't have to hear the tapping anymore!!!!!!

    #11 We put on a whoopin': Watching the Texans push around two lousy teams. What a fun enteraining afternoon!

    #10 The TD pounding Schaub takes on his return: Returning from injury, he stands in there, gets hammered and delivers a TD to Walter. He get's up and we roll!

    #9 Monday Night Football: Another prime time good showing for the little unknown organization that could.

    #8 Green's 1 yd muscle run: For all his disappointments, watching Green muscle his way into the endzone was one of the early signs that this team had the will to win.

    #7 Steve Slaton's run out of the pile against the Tacks for a first down: Although it caused us to have to get another first down it was that "you can't stop us now." feeling and the "never quit" that the Texans are developing.

    #6 Winstons' triple block to win the tacks game: Another big hear guy. Pulling piles past first down markers and one final push to win it.

    #5 The entire drive to win against the Fins: improbable conversions, improbable catches, Brisel almost blows the block on the scramble, Schaub almost throws 2 picks on the drive.... We Win!!!! Stumbling, bumbling, learning how to win.

    #4 Schaub's scramble to win the first one: A bitter sweet victory. No jumping just "stands with a fist" for me.

    #3 Beating the Tacks: This was also bittersweet for me personally. I wasn't jumping up and down. I was proud and remember thinking that we finally did what we can do.

    #2 Andre Johnsons' 4th down catch: AJ's will was a defining moment for this team.

    #1 Dunta returns to the field: I'll never forget how loud that place was in that moment. He's the heart of this team, thick and thin. At that moment the entire stadium was one. I think of him as much of a fan of the Texans as we all are. Let's get him back next year!

    Go Texans.
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    I've never seen John Royal or his work before, but I hope he's done better work than that.
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    Drayton shouldn't even be on the list... I think the Comets and Rice should be at top.

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