Top Ten Cloves: Things Peyton Manning Might Be Doing While He Recovers From Neck Surg

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    News Item: Peyton Manning’s receiving stem cell therapy thrusts medical procedures back into sports spotlight
    10. “Hmmm …Maybe since ‘Modern Family’ won a lot of Emmy Awards ,they might have a spot for me …A broken-down, ex-football-player, uncle-type role …”
    9. With all the doctors working on him, see if they can qualify under President Obama’s new “Jobs Plan”, maybe get some federal funding out of it …
    8. Will have time to figure out just what-the-heck Netflix is doing
    7. Give Lorne Michaels a call, maybe hook again with ‘Saturday Night Live’
    6. See if Google wants a All-Star endorser for their new “Google Wallet”
    5. Two words – “Fantasy Football!!!”
    4. Might check out Sarah Palin, see if she’s interested in hooking up with a “Legendary Quarterback”
    3. “Hmmm … Yahoo has an opening…I can even do some
    commercials – Yahooooooo …”
    2. Actually, having bolts inserted into both sides of neck and will announce shift to WWE as new terror, evil, bag guy, “Peytonstein”
    1. “Damn everybody, I’ve always wanted to be… a lumberjack
    My new #1 Halloween costume PEYTONSTEIN!

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