Top rated UFA defensive tackles...

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by David's Busted Carr, Mar 2, 2007.

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    Well, since we cut Seth Payne and TJ is a complete bust lets take a look...

    HMMMM, #1 on the list looks familiar for some reason. I know, he's some of the DEAD money on our cap. A guy we could definitely use right now. I still don't get that move. Money saving move? Free agents aren't going to get any cheaper and since we draft in the top 10 every year taking a DT there is a reach. And this is one you can't blame on Cassery, that was Kubiak's decision...

    Unrestricted Free Agent Defensive Tackles

    Franchised: Cory Redding

    1. Robaire Smith, Titans - Massive man is not yet 30. Tennessee is intent on keeping him to pair with Albert Haynesworth on what should be one of the league's more underrated interior frontlines.

    2. Ian Scott, Bears - 4-3 nose tackle lost his starting job in 2006 but will likely get a multi-year contract because he's only 25 and teams are desperate for run stuffers.

    3. Anthony Adams, 49ers - Undersized nose doesn't fit a 3-4. He was a second-round pick in 2003 and had been starting until last season, so the talent is there.

    4. Aubrayo Franklin, Ravens - Big (6-1/320), young (26), and has been learning behind Kelly Gregg. Franklin could be a late bloomer.

    5. Keith Traylor, Dolphins - Was having a fine 2006 until old knee troubles caught up to him. Traylor can still anchor a 3-4 but is unlikely to hold up for 16 games.

    6. James Reed, Chiefs - Herm Edwards favorite.
    7. Michael Myers, Broncos - 31. Denver d-line faded late in 2006.
    8. Ron Edwards, Chiefs - Big (6-3/320), young (27), but nothing special.
    9. Alfonso Boone, Bears - Journeyman played quite a bit in 2006.
    10. Kindal Moorehead, Panthers - Had five sacks in 2005.
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    Ian Scott would be a nice add. Would settle for Myers as well.
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    our activity in DT's is going to depend on whether kubiak feels we can be more successful with weaver at DT or at DE...if he feels weaveris better suited at DT then we need to focus getting a pass rusher opposite mario...if he likes him more at DE then i would go in this order

    ron edwards
    anthony adams

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    Aubrayo Franklin is a very solid player.

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